Nurture Deep And Lasting Friendships With These 99 Friendship Affirmations

There are few things more critical to our quality of life than the relationships we build with other people.

Positive affirmations for friends can help us nurture and strengthen our friendships.

A true friendship is precious, but anytime we interact with others, there is the potential for strife, trust issues, and other problems. 

When you use affirmations for friendship, you enrich these valuable relationships.

The more you practice, the more value these affirmations will add to your friendships.

What Are Affirmations for Friends and Why Should You Use Them?

Having a close circle of trusted friends can make the good times sweeter and the difficult times more bearable.

Just like all of our relationships, friendships can sometimes become strained.

We have to nurture our friendships just as we nurture our relationships with our family members.

Positive affirmations for friends can help both you and your friends to strengthen your ties with each other.

Here are some of the benefits of using positive affirmations for friends.

  • Existing friendships will become stronger. Most of us have friends we have neglected, and perhaps we've also been neglected by our friends. Life is busy, and positive friendship affirmations help us re-connect.
  • Attract positive people like yourself. Positive affirmations for friendship will help you attract other positive people.
  • Make new friends. Making new friends can feel intimidating, especially if you lack self-confidence or are introverted. Positive affirmations for friends can help you attract new positive individuals into your life.
  • Weed out toxic friendships. As you become rooted in your positive affirmations for friends, you'll find that you're more aware of any toxic relationships lingering in your life.
  • Find friends with common interests. Not all of our friends will share our interests, but having some people in your life who do will improve the quality of your life.
  • Increase your confidence that you can make new friends. Rejection is scary. However, the truth is that other positive people would love to build new friendships, too.

99 Friendship Affirmations to Find and Nurture Friendships

Below, we list some of our favorite affirmations for friends.

1. I am ready to find my best friend.

2. Just as I am looking for a new best friend, my best friend needs me.

3. I enjoy being in the company of my close friends.

4. I get along well with nearly everyone I meet every day.

deep friendship affirmations
5. I imagine all of the fun things my best friend and I will do together.

6. I know exactly what I hope to find in a best friend.

7. My circle of friends is loyal and strong.

8. I choose my friends carefully and wisely.

9. I am an amazing friend, and my friends can count on me being there.

10. Every day, my friendship circle grows. 

11. Many people believe I'm their best friend because I treat everyone as if they're the most important person I know. 

12. I frequently laugh when I spend time with my friends. 

13. I trust my friends with my secrets and know they will never betray me.

14. I feel calm and confident when I talk to groups of new people.

15. I attract beautiful souls into my inner circle.

16. I make new friends easily and nurture my new friendships.

17. My friends can expect honesty from me, and I receive honesty from them.

18. Every single day, I welcome new friends into my world.

deep friendship affirmations
19. No matter how busy my life is, I always make time to reach out to my friends.

20. I motivate and encourage my friends, and they do the same thing for me.

21. I deserve to have long-lasting, strong friendships with positive people.

22. My friends know that I'm there for them through thick and thin.

23. I will work hard to make my best friendships fulfilling and beautiful. 

24. I drop everything when my friends need me to be there for them.

25. My friends are worthy of my loyalty and love.

26. I have lots of fun with my friends.

27. My friends and I build beautiful memories together. 

28. Every single day, new positive people enter my life and leave a strong mark. 

29. I am worthy of receiving love and loyalty from my friends.

30. My friends and I share deep connections with each other. 

31. I make new friends easily. 

32. I love being surrounded by people who are happy, who make me laugh, and who love me just as I am. 

33. I easily maintain eye contact when I'm talking to people and making new friends. 

34. I attract the type of people who see the very best in me. 

35. After seeing my friends, I am always inspired and energized.

36. I can rely on my friends for emotional support. 

37. Every human being in my circle of friends is trustworthy and loyal. 

38. My friends can rely on me for emotional support. 

39. I am safe with my trusted friends

40. My friends add joy and happiness to my life.

41. I am a positive person, and I attract other positive people.

42. I am comfortable meeting new people and getting to know them.

deep friendship affirmations
43. I listen to my friends more than I talk, and I practice active listening with people. 

44. I can easily make new friends effortlessly. 

45. My friendship circle is filled with respect and love. 

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46. I love getting to know new positive people and welcoming them into my life. 

47. I feel profound gratitude for all of my trusted friends. 

48. I love and accept myself fully, making it easy for my friends to love me. 

49. Although I'm not perfect, my friends love me fully. 

50. My friends aren't perfect because no one is, but I love and accept them unconditionally.

51. In troubled times, I know I can count on the positive friends in my life.

52. When my friends are going through dark times, I am always there for them. 

53. I only interact with positive people and friends. 

54. I trust myself, and I trust my friends. 

55. My friends can trust me with all things and in all situations.

56. I have my friends' backs, and they have my back. 

57. My friends have strong character and excellent personal values.

58. My friends all have strong moral compasses and encourage my own moral values.

59. I get excited about meeting new people and making new positive friendships.

60. I attract like-minded people who bring out the best in me. 

61. I am a fantastic friend to everyone I know and love.

62. I am a good person, and for this reason, people love befriending me.

63. I always say only good things about my friends when they're not in the room.

64. I forge deep connections with my trusted friends. 

65. I appreciate my friends for being authentic and honest. 

66. I attract positive people to my circle of friends.

67. I am comfortable being honest with my friends, and they are comfortable being honest with me.

68. My friendships are some of the most important relationships in my life.

69. My friendships are all about feelings of care, comfort, and warmth. 

70. I am letting go of toxic friendships and distancing myself when necessary.

deep friendship affirmations
71. My friends can always be themselves with me, and I can be myself with them. 

72. I seek out friends who empower me just as I do for them. 

73. I am removing toxic friends from my inner circle. 

74. I protect myself from people who bring toxic energy into my life

75. Great people come into my life whenever I go out into the world.

76. I protect myself from damaging relationships and friendships.

77. I make new friends every time I am in a new situation. 

78. The most optimistic people find their way into my life. 

79. Anytime I leave home, I encounter new positive people who become friends. 

80. Good people are eager to become friends with me.

81. I am filled with gratitude for my trusted circle of friends.

82. I am filled with gratitude for the new friends I make every day. 

83. I am happy with who I am and what I bring to the table in my friendships.

84. My positive friendships are beneficial to both of us. 

85. I develop intimate and caring relationships with my friends

86. I choose only to have friendships that are healthy and caring. 

87. I am a magnet for attracting friends because I am an open and approachable person.

88. My friends and I create special memories together all the time. 

89. My friends are all goal-oriented and determined, just as I am. 

90. Everywhere I go, I find opportunities to build new friendships.

deep friendship affirmations
91. When people meet me, they instantly know I would be a great friend to them. 

92. I know my best friend will appear in my life at the perfect time. 

93. I know exactly what I want in my friends. 

94. I constantly create lasting friendships with positive people.

95. Human beings are good, and I see only the good in others. 

96. I meet friendly and warm people anytime I go out into the world.

97. New friendships come into my life when I need them.

98. I feel profound gratitude for every new friend I make.

99. My friends are beautiful souls who will be in my life forever. 

How to Use These Words of Affirmation for Friends

Now that you have your list of positive affirmations for friends, it's time to learn how to use them to strengthen your existing friendships and build new ones.

  • First, remember that affirmations don't give you instant results. Building anything of value takes time, including valuable friendships in your life.
  • Repeat your friendship affirmations two or three times per day for the best results.
  • Write down some of your affirmations for friends and put them in places you see daily. Some examples include your work desk, your journal, and even taped to the dash of your car.
  • In addition to your two times per day, consider repeating your positive friendship affirmations frequently throughout the day. Repetition is the key to effective affirmations.
  • Modify this list of affirmations for friends so that these affirmations are customized for you.
  • Create your own friendship affirmations that work for the unique relationships in your life.
  • Distance yourself from negative friendships. While it may not be possible to eliminate negative people from your life, putting some space between you and them can free up room for stronger relationships.
  • Keep being a good friend to the people who are important to you.

Final Thoughts on Friendship Affirmations

Affirmations for friendship can keep your most valuable relationships strong, and you can also use positive affirmations for friends to attract new friendships.

An added bonus is that with these friendship affirmations, you can possibly even repair any strained friendships in your life.

Develop and nurture your relationship with your friends with these affirmations for friendship you can tell yourself.