7 Of The Best Standing Desk Chairs

Many people these days are getting standing desks to help their healthy lifestyle habits overflow into the workplace.

Standing (rather than sitting) at your desk for part of the day is great for your health and a trend that is becoming more and more mainstream.

However, while doing your work at a standing desk has many health benefits, standing too much isn’t good either. Prolonged standing can increase whole body discomfort, making it difficult to focus on your work.

That’s why combining standing and sitting or resting on a stool is a great option. Consistently moving throughout the day is the best thing you can do for your health.

You might first consider simply buying a tall stool, but we suggest that you learn about office chairs that are made specifically to be used with your standing desk.

What is a standing desk chair?

A standing desk chair provides you a place to rest at your standing desk. These flexible chairs are designed to give you more options beyond fully sitting or standing, which will help you stay active throughout the day as you change positions to maximize your comfort.

These chairs allow you to lean or “perch” instead of fully sitting if you need a rest from standing. This middle ground position between sitting and standing is healthier for your body than the typical sitting position but still allows your body to have a bit of a break.

A Quick Look at Our Top Choices

In a hurry to find the best standing desk chair? Don’t have time to read the entire review? Here’s a handy table that’ll give quick look at our top choices!

​Product Name
Best Feauture
​Our Rating
Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool Strengthening your core muscles.
Coreseat Balance Ball Standing Desk Chair Stool, Adjustable Jellyfish Chair by Ergonomic Exercise Stability of the chair.
Active Sitting Chair/Ergonomic Standing Desk Swivel Stool with Adjustable Height Swiveling in various directions.
 VARIDESK – Adjustable Standing Desk Chair Most comfortable for leaning and sitting.
Active Collection FKS-1000-RD Mogo Stand-up Leaning Seat Comfortable leaning and portability.
OFM VIVO Adjustable Height Bar Stool Sitting and standing easily.
Kore Office Chair Letting you sit normally.

What should you look for in a standing desk chair?


Do you want to be able to get up and walk away from your chair without having to make sure it doesn’t fall over or roll away?

Consider your office environment and how often you need to get up and walk away from your desk during the day. If you get up a lot, you may want to look into chairs that stay put when you get up.


Of course, you will want a chair that is adjustable in height, but it is also beneficial to have one that can adjust in other ways.

Consider the tilt of the seat back, for example. You want to have a chair that is the most ergonomically sound for the shape of your body.

Some chairs are easily adjusted in height with the push of a button, allowing you to change your height throughout the day.

Others require more work to change the height and are designed to be used at just one or two heights.

Consider if you will want to adjust yourself up and down often throughout the day or you will be comfortable with just one height.

Seat Cushion

Do you want a full-sized seat cushion so you can fully sit on your standing desk chair or do you just need a small area to perch on?

If you plan to spend some time fully sitting, you will want to make sure the cushion is comfortable for you to use.

With these things in mind, here are the details of the 7 best standing desk chairs on the market.

1. Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

This standing desk stool has a non-slip, circular base, which will allow you to roll or lean to your desired position.

The seat is made of polyurethane and covered in vinyl, which provides comfort and stability. The vinyl is easy to clean, so it is perfect for an office setting where you will be using it often.

The backless design of this stool will help you engage and strengthen your core muscles throughout the day as it helps you sit with correct posture.

This chair is lightweight, making it easy to move and store when not in use. It is also great for people of any height because it can adjust from 19-27 inches.

  • ​Adjustable enough to fit tall people
  • ​Requires more focus while working as users must pay attention to support themselves with this wobble chair
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Can take a while to get used to
  • ​Difficult to assemble
  • ​Some have found they need an extender for the stool

2. Coreseat Balance Ball Standing Desk Chair Stool, Adjustable Jellyfish Chair by Ergonomic Exercise

Have you ever thought about sitting on a yoga ball during work but were then concerned about it rolling away?

The yoga ball seat of this chair allows you to bring exercise into the office and get fit while you work.

It is easy to move around while using this chair because it is stable on the ground, yet challenges your core muscles by requiring you to constantly engage them by balancing on the seat.

This chair is easily adjusted to your height and preferences and looks great in any office setting.

Using this chair to build up your abdominal muscles will result in a well-toned body and will help protect your lower back by encouraging proper spine alignment.

The black plastic seat can be customized to fit your office decor.

  • ​Durable
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • ​Easy to adjust the height
  • ​Does not come inflated
  • ​May tip over if you lean in one direction too far
  • ​Heavier than other options

3. Active Sitting Chair/Ergonomic Standing Desk Swivel Stool with Adjustable Height

This fun wobble stool will keep your core muscles activated and your legs in motion all day while still giving your body support.

You will increase your calorie burn and stay focused and productive much more than when you are remaining in the same position all day.

This chair has a plush 13″ wide seat with three inches of supportive and comfortable padding. It has a 360-degree swivel, which allows you to easily move around.

It can be adjusted to any height from 25″ to 34.5″, giving you options to find the right height for your needs, whether you are standing, sitting, or perched.

This chair uses a lever-activated pneumatic air cylinder to help you adjust the seat up and down. The rounded base still gives you stability while leaning, rocking, and tilting.

The base is also non-skid and non-marking so it will not scratch your floors.

  • ​Easy to assemble without tools
  • ​Works well on hard floors or rugs
  • ​Easy to transition from sitting to standing
  • ​Some users have found that their weight lowers the seat from their desired height over time
  • ​Three buttons that control the height are confusing and a bit difficult to press
  • ​Some find the cushion deflates easily

4. VARIDESK – Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

This option has a wide cushioned seat atop a bent plywood base. It is specially designed to engage the muscles in your legs, abdomen, and back while allowing you the freedom to stay active while you are sitting.

The pedestal also lets you have a great range of mobility forwards and backward so you can easily grab anything within reach of your desk. Its bent base encourages healthy posture while you’re seated.

If you want to lean on the stool, you will still be engaging your legs, back, and abdomen. This affordable product is easy to use with its air-lift piston that can raise the seat up to 32.75”, allowing you to perch.

  • ​Comes already assembled
  • ​This chair goes up higher than others
  • ​The cushion is a generous size
  • ​The cushion is a bit too firm
  • ​This chair is heavier than others
  • ​Not very visually appealing

5. Active Collection FKS-1000-RD Mogo Stand-up Leaning Seat

This is the most portable standing desk chair on the market.

It comes with a soft, durable rubber foot that stays in place on non-slip, indoor surfaces. It also has a spiked fiberglass tip that is great to use outside on grass and dirt.

If you want to take this chair outside, just unscrew the base, flip it over, and screw it back in. This chair supports a leaning posture that takes pressure off of the spine and encourages hip-to-torso motion.

Its modern and minimalist design helps you use your muscles to support a healthy posture more than other chairs do.

The seat on this chair is made from non-slip and easy-to-clean material.

It is easily adjustable with multiple notches for height adjustment and is perfect for people up to 6’ 2” and can hold up to 300 lbs. It comes with a drawstring bag, making it easy to take with you on the go.

  • ​Very lightweight
  • ​Can be used anywhere
  • ​Inexpensive
  • ​You cannot easily get up and walk away because it will not stay up on its own
  • ​This seat tends to creak
  • ​The cushion is a bit firm

6. OFM VIVO Adjustable Height Bar Stool

This is a great stool for people who like to switch between sitting and standing.

It is easy to perch on this seat, but it is also generously sized if you want to sit normally for a while.

The pivoting and angled support pole goes along with your every move, which gives you consistent support and encourages spine alignment.

The adjustment levers that are located under the seat make it easy to go from sitting to standing using either hand.

This chair can be easily moved from one place to the next with its handles as well. You can twist around while you are seated in this chair and the auto-return feature will self-correct back to a center position as soon as you get up.

This chair has a boomerang base that keeps you safe while you move around at your desk.

This is a great chair to use anywhere that you want to have flexibility and it comes in two base colors and five fabric seat colors so you can match it to any decor.

  • ​Well-made and attractive
  • ​Light-weight
  • ​Easily adjusted by pushing a button under the seat
  • ​Seat is small
  • ​More expensive than other options
  • ​Does not come assembled

7. Kore Office Chair

This active sitting stool allows you to rock, swivel, and burn more calories while you are working.

It keeps the muscles in your legs, back, and midsection engaged to help relieve back pain and encourage healthy posture.

This chair comes with a counter-balanced stable base that moves with your body. The seat rests naturally upright, which allows you to sit normally if you choose to do so.

The rubber coating on the feet of the chair is made from non-skid, non-scratch material and easily grips most surfaces.

  • ​Easy to put together
  • ​Looks more professional than other chairs
  • ​Great value for the price
  • ​You have to stand up to change the position of the stool
  • ​The seat is a bit uncomfortable and could use some more padding
  • ​The rubber base falls off easily

Ready to work healthier?

​​Standing desk chairs are a great option if you want to be able to move to different positions throughout the day.

These products are perfect to have with your standing desk to help you relieve some of the pressure on your back that can happen after standing for several hours.

Give yourself some time to get used to using a standing desk chair. It may seem awkward at first, but having the option to rest at your standing desk is something that you will need to do throughout the day..