13 Of The Best Ways To Deal With A Disrespectful Grown Child

father and daughter arguing, how to deal with a disrespectful grown child

Who knew your kid could be such a jerk?

They reach young adulthood, and suddenly they’re blaming you for everything that’s going wrong in their lives. 

Because how could it not be your fault?

Every mistake you’ve made as a parent has made their life the steaming ruin that it is.

You’re what’s wrong with the world. 

You’re the reason they can’t wait to move out! 

If you’re mentally rehearsing a painful conversation or recent outburst, you’re probably wondering exactly how to handle disrespectful grown children. 

And you wouldn’t be alone.

We should get T-shirts. 

But for now, let’s focus on what to do when grown children disrespect you.

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If You Have An Adult Child Living At Home, You Need To Read This List Of House Rules And Boundaries

list of house rules for adults living with parents

It’s not just your family.

More and more adult children are sharing a roof with their parents.

Sometimes it’s a matter of economic logistics because the cost of living has risen exponentially, but wages haven’t increased in decades.

Other times it’s a matter of senior-care costs.

Families consolidate when elderly parents have reached the “need help” stage of their lives.

Whatever brought you back together, it works best to have a set of rules for adult children living at home.

So let’s dive in. 

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Is It Time To Move In Together? 15 Signs You’re Ready + 15 Red Flags It’s Too Soon

couple moving in new house how soon is too soon to move in

You’re in love, ready for the next step, and thinking about when to move in together.

But doubts are creeping in, and you’re probably wondering, “Is it too soon to move in together?”

You don’t want to rush into this level of commitment if the timing isn’t right or you haven’t done your due diligence.

So when is a good time to move in together?

To help you make the best decision, we’re breaking down the ins and outs of cohabitation.

How long should you wait?

What are the red flags?

How will you know when it’s time?

Let’s dive in!

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How To Write A Personal Mission Statement (And 28 Mission Statement Examples)

Writing in journal, personal mission statement

Do you have a personal mission statement?

If not, you should.

Early in my career, I was inspired to create one when I worked in public relations for the JCPenney Company.

James Cash Penney, the founder of the once giant retailer, based his business philosophy on one simple personal mission statement: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” — the Golden Rule.

In fact, his first store was called The Golden Rule.

This mission statement permeated every aspect of how Mr. Penney ran his business.

He asked for a “fair remuneration and not all the profits the traffic will bear,” and was the first to call employees “associates,” and he treated them like family.

During the stock market crash in the 1920’s, Mr. Penney lost his personal fortune and took a loan against his life insurance in order to pay the associates’ salaries.

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105 Side-Splittingly Funny Responses When Someone Asks, “How Are You?”

couple of women in bar Funny Responses When Someone Asks, "How Are You?"

Life can sometimes feel like an endless cycle of small talk, but we’re here to change that! 

We’ve put together a list of funny responses to the age-old (and sometimes meaningless) question, “How are you?” 

Now you can transform those mundane moments into memorable exchanges that’ll leave your friends grinning from ear to ear. 

So, sit back, relax, and let’s inject some humor into your conversations with these witty comebacks!

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11 Conspicuous Signs of Bisexuality in a Man You Are Dating

man and woman talking in bed Signs of Bisexuality in Males 

Maybe it’s things he says or does.

Or perhaps some of his social media posts have raised an eyebrow or two.

Whichever the case, you’ve likely landed here because you’re wondering if the guy you’re dating is bisexual.

Questioning your boyfriend’s intimacy preferences doesn’t make you a bad person. 

Heck, who doesn’t want to know the sexual orientation of their partners?

It’s completely normal.

So to help you better wrap your head around the situation, today, we’re looking at potential signs a man is bisexual. 

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51 Funny Hinge Prompt Answers That Are Sure To Grab Their Attention

woman smiling on phone Funny Hinge Prompt Answers

So, you’re on the Hinge dating app, looking for that special someone, but tired of the same old cliché answers to those prompts? 

Fear not, because we’ve got you covered!

We’re sharing some of the funniest and most creative Hinge prompt responses we’ve come across. 

Get ready to laugh, be inspired, and maybe even borrow some of these gems to spice up your own profile! 

Let’s dive into the world of hilarious Hinge humor, shall we?

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Tune In To Your Emotions With These 15 Feelings Charts For Adults (Printables)

feelings chart for adults

It can be challenging to put your feelings into words, especially emotionally complex feelings. 

And if you can’t accurately or comfortably describe them, how are you supposed to manage your feelings?

Understanding your emotions, their triggers, how they affect you, and how to manage them healthily and effectively are behaviors everyone should strive to improve.

You can use feeling charts to do just that!

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