Use Your Vacation As a Time for Spiritual Growth

Today is Easter Sunday, the king daddy of celebrations in the Christian faith. For me, it’s the first Easter in nearly 18 years that I haven’t spent hiding eggs for my sugar-crazed children on their search for spiritual enlightenment in the form of milk chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. This egg ritual is usually followed by […]


Powerful Words Can Change Your Life

“Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.” ~Ira Gassen The spoken word has incredible power. If you can harness that power and put it to work in a positive way, you can change your life and become a happier, more successful person. This isn’t new age psychobabble — there’s science behind […]


Ten Mental Shifts to Dramatically Improve Your Life

Author, speaker and coach extraordinaire Steve Chandler writes about mind shifting in his book Shift Your Mind, Shift The World. He suggests that by tweaking your way of thinking, you  can turn your life around completely. He knows because it happened to him. He went from being an alcoholic life-reactor  to being a creator of […]