10 Reasons Why You Aren’t A Turkey + Something Nice

You are not a turkey.

Not even close.

In fact, as you are reading this post, I invite you to sit up a bit straighter, let yourself smile a little, and breathe deeply in the knowledge that at this very moment one person (me) is profoundly grateful for who you are — and that you are reading this post!

Sometimes “my readers” (over 30,000 of you a month) can seem like a nameless, faceless mass. But I have gotten to know many of you, and for those I don’t know yet, I want to make sure I recognize you as a unique individual — a beautiful human being for whom I am profoundly grateful.

Yes, YOU, the non-turkey who is reading this right now.

I almost titled this post, “10 Reasons I’m Grateful For You,” but that’s a bit drab and cliche. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, with turkeys taking center stage, I thought I’d do something different.

I want to assure you that you are not a turkey. I know you’ll be relieved.

Just to be clear, here’s the definition of “turkey”:

noun, plural -keys, ( especially collectively ) -key.

1. a large, gallinaceous bird of the family Meleagrididae, especially Meleagris gallopavo,  of America, that typically has green, reddish-brown, and yellowish-brown plumage of a metallic luster and that is domesticated in most parts of the world.
2. the flesh of this bird, used as food.
3. ocellated turkey.

4. Slang .

     a. a person or thing of little appeal; dud; loser.
     b. a naive, stupid, or inept person.
     c. a poor and unsuccessful theatrical production; flop.
5. Bowling . three strikes in succession.

 Now that we’re clear on the definition, here are the 10 reasons why you are not a turkey:

1. You are not a large, gallinaceous bird. You may or may not live in America. You obviously have beautiful plumage and plenty of luster, and hopefully you are domesticated. But you are definitely NOT gallinaceous. Don’t even pretend to be.

2. You are not the flesh of a bird. That’s just gross. Not you at all.

3. You may be ocellated. But that doesn’t necessarily make you a turkey.

4. You are absolutely not a flop, a dud, a loser, naive, stupid or inept. You have tons of appeal. In fact, you are a remarkable, splendid person who has far more in common with these birds than with a turkey!

5. You may have had three strikes in succession, but knowing you, I’m sure you’ve learned and grown from the experiences. Bad things may come in threes, but there are many amazing things ahead for you!

6. You aren’t full of stuffing. As a follower of personal growth and self-improvement blogs, you are clearly a person of rich substance and solid insights. You may be stuffed, but it’s with the desire for a more creative and happy life, for learning, and for beauty.

7. You don’t gobble. At least I hope not. That’s just not attractive.

8. You don’t need a pop-up timer. You have an inner wisdom to guide you, and the intelligence to know when you’re perfectly done. You’re perfect right now!

9. Your breast and thighs are equally succulent. Sorry, but that one just begged to be included! You can be happy with your wonderful body just the way it is.

10. You’re not just a holiday treat. I am grateful for you every day of the year (and so are many others in your life). Thank you for being the unique and wonderful person you are — and for being part of the community here at Live Bold and Bloom.

Now you know for sure. You are not a turkey!

Something Nice To Say Thanks

As a way to express how thankful I am for you, I’d like to extend a 50% discount on all of my Bold Living products: Discover Your Passion course and The Bold Living Guide (the full 6-set Guide). This discount is good from today through Monday, November 28, at 10:00 p.m. EST.

In addition, when you make a purchase, email me at mybloomlife[at]gmail.com, and I will send a copy of one of the six Bold Living Guides to a person of your choosing. Just forward a copy of your purchase receipt email along with the email address of the person to whom you wish to send the Guide, and I will email it as a special gift sent from you.

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Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you don’t live in the United States, I wish you a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Aren’t A Turkey + Something Nice”

  1. I agree with Noch — it is very nice knowing I’m not a turkey! Lol!

    Up there on my Gratitude list this Thanksgiving is all you have done to provide insight and inspiration to us all (again, agreeing with Noch!).

    PS: I’m working on not gobbling! 🙂

  2. This is just a FABULOUS addition to our holiday celebrations. LOVE IT, especially not being “gallinaceous”. Such a relief! However, I do freely acknowledge that I intend to gobble A LOT tomorrow!

  3. Hi Barrie,

    It was really nice to know that there are so many negative things associated to a Turkey. And it is even nicer to hear all these ten affirmations of why we are not Turkeys. Even if we are we are in your fine hands because you are a Turkey lover anyway right?

    Cheers for such an encouraging post.

  4. Whew, I’m so relieved!

    Though, if someone thought I was a theatrical production, they may or may not be entertained. I guess it wouldn’t bother me much if I were a 4c turkey 🙂

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Greetings from Buenos Aires (don’t worry–I had a turkey sandwich on Thursday with a nice malbec!).



  5. 30,000 readers is huge. I am very impressed and a little jealous. Good for you! Thanks to you for helping me to embrace boldness. Boldness does not come easy to me but I believe boldness has genius, magic and power in it (someone elses words, not mine, borrowed for this reply) and I want all those qualities. So, I stay subscribed and continue to learn from your posts.


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