Boost Self-Confidence With These 10 Surprising Actions

Do you consider yourself self-confident?

Self-confidence is the feeling of assurance in who you are — in spite of your life circumstances or achievements. It is the ability to love and accept yourself, flaws and all, and view yourself from a perspective of optimistic realism and acceptance.

Most of us at some point in our lives, or for big chunks of our lives, have dealt with low self-confidence.

Throughout our lives and well into adulthood, our life experiences can impact our self-confidence. Sometimes a dip in self-confidence is episodic — like a job loss, a divorce, or a financial crisis. Something bad happens, and until we can get our footing again, we feel discouraged and inadequate.

We may feel wounded for a while, but over time we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again. Our inner confidence kicks in, and we recognize we have the resources to get past the event and thrive again.

However, if your life has been “a series of unfortunate events,” your self-confidence might never have had the opportunity to emerge again. This is particularly true for those who had a difficult childhood and are already starting at a self-confidence deficit.

If you enter adulthood lacking confidence, you don’t have the inner reserves to manage the inevitable ups and downs of living. Negative life events, failures, and difficulties happen to everyone. But without a core foundation of self-confidence, these events continue to take a toll on your ability to thrive in life.

But self-confidence can be learned and nurtured. It comes from a place of peaceful acceptance of yourself and full recognition that you have the power to create your life rather than react to it.

You have control over your destiny, and the only things standing in your way are your thoughts and beliefs about yourself – and perhaps a lack of knowledge about how to change or heal those.

You can rebuild self-confidence through positive, forward moving, life-affirming actions.

Here are some self-confidence boosting actions you might not have considered before.



1. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer, put down the book

When we aren't feeling great about ourselves, we turn to these things as a distraction and escape from the pain of low self-confidence. We numb ourselves with electronics or get lost in reading. None of these are bad things at the right time, but now is the time for forcing action in your life. Passivity will foster low self-confidence.

guy smiling with children boost your confidence

2. Volunteer with children

If you want to feel immediately successful and appreciated, volunteer doing something with children. Children offer unconditional acceptance and joy. They naturally appreciate adult attention and interaction. Volunteer to read to children in your local school. Or become a big brother or big sister.

3. Have one daily goal

Just one — and make it non-negotiable. Set aside the same time every day to accomplish your one goal. It doesn't need to be big. What matters is that you do it every day. Your one goal can be part of a bigger goal that leads to a solid achievement. Working toward something diligently will boost your self-confidence.

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4. Start a blog

Creating and writing for a blog is not only fun, but it also can provide a great service for people and allow you to build extra income. It involves a variety of interesting skills and allows you to express yourself and share your knowledge. Even if you don't share your blog with others, it is a great way to chronicle your thoughts and ideas. If you want to learn how to create a blog, check out Start A Blog That Matters by my friend and online expert Corbett Barr or any of the ProBlogger Products.

5. Join Toastmasters

Toastmasters provides the tools to help you become an effective communicator and leader. When you develop speaking skills you develop natural leadership skills too. And although it's not officially a networking group in the traditional sense of the word, Toastmasters offers wonderful networking opportunities with like-minded people. You simply can't be part of this organization without building your self-confidence.

Indian girl smiling during festival boost self confidence

6. Smile to yourself, to others, and in front of the mirror

Psychologists have found that even if you’re in bad mood, you can instantly lift your spirits by forcing yourself to smile. Your body immediately releases endorphins when you smile, even when you force it. This sudden change in mood will help you feel better and release stress. Smiles make a person seem more attractive, sociable and confident, and people who smile more are more likely to get a promotion at work.

7. Create something

During those times when you might be watching TV, surfing the net, or reading a book — create something instead. Draw, plant flowers, build something, write a poem, make a vision board. Doing something creative and fun gives you a sense of achievement while being relaxing and non-threatening. Read the book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for more ideas on creative projects. (Yes, this is acceptable reading as long as you put the book down and work on something creative!)

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8. Have an imaginary good twin

When we have low self-confidence, we tend to engage in regular negative self-talk. This just reinforces our bad feelings and low confidence. So mentally visualize your higher self as your good twin. The good twin only has positive, loving, and supportive things to say about you. Imagine the twin is always sitting on your shoulder. When you begin the negative self-talk, you turn to the twin and only listen to his or her voice. Arm the twin with real facts about why you should be confident and happy.

making pottery boost your confidence

9. Work on your passion

Having a life passion will naturally boost self-confidence. When you feel engaged and excited about what you have going on in your life, self-confidence is an automatic by-product.

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If you don't know what your passion is, make it your temporary passion to find out. Here's a resource to help you.

10. Become a scarce resource

Look around you at work or in your life otherwise. Where do you see a need that isn't being fulfilled? Where is there a problem but no solution being provided? Where is there a lack of information or expertise? Ferret out that vacuum and learn all you can about how to create the answers and solutions. Become an expert in an area where you will be a scarce resource and in high demand. When people turn to you as the expert, you will feel confident in your value and sense of purpose.

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You don’t have to be a high achiever, financially successful, outrageously attractive, the most popular, or super intelligent to have self-confidence. At its core, real self-confidence is about quiet authenticity. It’s about being yourself, whoever you may be, and learning to love that self while continuing to improve upon it. As you practice actions that boost self-confidence, you will learn to trust yourself and appreciate the unique qualities you offer the world.

How is your self-confidence, and what other ideas do you have for creating a self-confidence boost? Please share them in the comments below.

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  • Cat Atherton

    Outstanding article, Barrie! You did it again 🙂

    I recently joined Toastmasters and it does give a great boost. I wouldn’t have thought of volunteering time with children and I like your idea about the imaginary good twin!

    An 11th idea: do a power pose for just two minutes. It increases our testosterone levels (yes, women have testosterone although only 40% less than men), and this in turn increases our self confidence. See Amy Cuddy’s PopTech video on YouTube, she explains what a power pose is. I have tried it: it also increases our energy level dramatically, in just two minutes!

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Cat,
      So glad you liked it! I haven’t heard of a power pose. That’s fascinating. I envision doing one of those weight-lifter, muscle-man poses. I better go watch the video before I make a fool of myself! 🙂

  • Nancy

    Thanks for putting building self-confidence into such encouraging and well guided words. A nice boost of clarity.
    In addition to Toastmasters – For those living in the San Francisco Bay Area check out Speaking Circles in San Anselmo for yet another Ice Breaking opportunity.

      Barrie Davenport

      Hi Nancy,
      You are so welcome. I’m glad you found it useful. And thank you for the suggestion of Speaking Circles.

  • [email protected]

    Community service of most sorts, I find, helps greatly with self-confidence. Working with children is an added bonus!

      Barrie Davenport

      Absolutely Mike. It’s amazing how helping others can make you feel great about yourself.

  • Patrik Edblad

    Great article Barrie!

    I think a big self-confidence issue is the way that we talk to ourselves. Most people know to treat others the way they want people to treat themselves. However, a lot of people don’t know to treat themselves the way they treat others. The stuff we tell ourselves in front of the mirror or when we didn’t perform as well as we’ve liked is a big issue and the cause of a lot of pain and low self-confidence.

    We need to be our own best friends instead of our own worst bully.

      Barrie Davenport

      You are absolutely right Patrik. Learning to talk to ourselves with the same love and kindness we would offer to a friend is so essential to building self-esteem and self-confidence. Excellent points!

  • marquita herald

    I love each of your suggestions; I would just like to add that you don’t have to limit volunteering with children to gain the benefits. A few years ago when I was going through a divorce I hauled myself into the local Food Bank because I heard they needed some office help and I thought it wood be a good way to get my mind off the split. I ended up chairing the county food drive that year, and for the next two years. It was an amazing experience and I did things that I never thought I was capable of, and helped a whole lot of people in the process.

  • David Stevens

    Hi Barrie,
    Smiling is good and so is Creativity. Smiling is such a feel good, you can’t help but feel better. Being creative gives you a sense of purpose … and of adventure. Thankyou.
    Be good to yourself
    Life Coach. Listener. Solution Finder.

  • Davis Nguyen

    I like your list Barrie. Did you think about adding adjusting your body language as well? Standing up straight and seeming confident will make you confident. I love the whole idea of faking it until you make it.

    Thank you again for all your articles. I love reading them to lighten my days and evenings. 🙂

  • 0li

    Thanks for this article…lately I am a lost, lonely, broken spirit….I don’t know how to fix myself…I hope this works….

  • Anuja

    The whole article is very helpful !Thank you very much !

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  • Lula

    I felt oxygen flowing through my body after reading these points. The first one was something I never thought about. After starting to read articles from your website, I have already noticed differences in 2 days towards going back to who I used to be (way more fun than who I am now)…thank you.

    My trick was say hi and smile, especially to grumpy looking people and not care about their response (although to date, getting a surprised greeting back has been 99% successful with the 1% being from when I moved to quick to see their response)…

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  • Aden Smith

    Nice post! Self confidence is an important part of personal development that lead to success in any phase of life.

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