Want To Know How To Make A Narcissist Miserable? Try These 11 Tactics

If you’ve been in a relationship with one, you know it’s not exactly hard to trigger a narcissist to lash out. 

So, our goal here isn’t to show you how to piss off a narcissist for no reason other than revenge but to highlight the actions that trigger their worst behavior

You have a right to live your own life as you see fit.

And if doing so will make a narcissist miserable, that’s not on you. 

Things a Narcissist Hates 

Spend enough time with a narcissist, and you become familiar with all the things they hate. It’s a long list, but you can generally boil down the worst offenses to the following: 

  • When attention is focused on someone other than themselves
  • When they don’t get their way or when others don’t defer to or obey them
  • When they see you happy, successful, and thriving without them (how dare you?)
  • When they’re proven wrong (not that they’ll acknowledge it)
  • When they’re called out for toxic behavior (which they’ll blame on someone else)

How to Make a Narcissist Miserable: 11 No-Fail Tactics

We’re not saying this should be your ultimate goal in life. But it’s good to know what tactics and behaviors scare a narcissist and are likely to get them riled up or ruin their day (and maybe yours). 

1. Ignore their petty comments. 

The narcissist will say whatever they consider necessary to get the reaction they want from you. Don’t take the bait. When you react with anger or remorse, they can use those emotions against you, even if their only goal is to make you feel small or stupid. 

If they can destroy your peace, they’ve won that battle. 

2. Tell them you’ll be consulting an expert. 

You want to see a narcissist turn every known shade of red, tell them you’ve decided to consult a real expert rather than rely on their “expert” assumption. 

If they don’t have real expertise in a particular area, and you need real answers, you have a right to consult sources with real authority. Just don’t expect a narcissist to put their ego aside and support your search for knowledge. 

3. Rely on factual information. 

The narcissist is so confident they know better about most things, and they want you to believe that as firmly as they do. If you counter their declarations with objective, factual information that contradicts them, you can expect them to be displeased.

how to make a narcissist miserable

According to a narcissist, their “expert opinion” should be enough for you. That you would question it and even offer evidence to prove them wrong is an egregious offense.

4. Make decisions without asking for their advice. 

Even if the decision is yours to make — and even if it doesn’t affect them — the narcissist expects you to want their advice or their approval before making it. And they’ll want your decision to match their idea of what you should do (whatever the cost).

If it shows evidence you’ve relied on a contradictory source of information or advice, they’ll find a way to punish you for it. 

5. Tell them “No.”

Sometimes, the best response to a narcissist is a simple “No.” You don’t have to explain yourself or justify that “No” if you know it’s the right call. The narcissist may demand an explanation, but they’re not entitled to one. 

Keep calm, give a clear and firm “No,” and stand your ground. They’ll be angry, and they may try to argue the point and exhaust your resolve. 

You’re within your rights to walk away. 

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6. Set boundaries and enforce them. 

Narcissists don’t empathize with others, and any boundaries you set with them feel like an insult. 

So, they’ll either disregard the boundaries, threaten you with consequences of their own if you try to enforce them, or pretend to recognize their transgression and promise to change — which they then won’t bother to do. 

Find a way to attach consequences to those boundaries. Or do what you can to get away from them for good. 

7. Keep your own company — or someone else’s. 

Narcissists can’t understand why you wouldn’t prefer their company to everyone else’s — including your own. Plan a relaxing day for yourself, and (if they know about it) they’ll try to convince you to spend that time with them instead — doing what they want to do.

Stand your ground and do your own thing, alone or with someone else. Even politely declining their invitation will probably offend them. But that’s not on you. 

8. Make the changes you need (without consulting them). 

It’s one thing to decide without their “expert advice.” It’s a whole other thing to make changes to your life (changes they can see) that don’t meet with their approval. 

Whether it’s a significant change like a new job or a new place of residence or a minor change like a new haircut or a different look, the narcissist is likely to feel hurt if you didn’t consult them beforehand. 

how to make a narcissist miserable

Don’t let their decision to take offense limit your freedom to make changes you consider necessary or worth making. 

9. Save your energy for your own pursuits. 

Don’t give them a chance to sap your energy to feed their own. The narcissist will try to engage you in battles over how you spend your time (or money) and with whom, as well as what decisions and changes you make. 

Your energy is your own to spend. Don’t let the narcissist spend it for you on pointless arguments and power plays. Decline their invitation to debate, and walk away. 

10. Detach from the trauma bond. 

Even negative attention from you is more to their liking than no attention at all. They can use negative emotions like anger, guilt, or fear to strengthen the trauma bond and keep you under their control. If you walk away, they get nothing. 

Talk to someone who can help you disengage the narcissist’s hold on you and break free from the trauma bond. Then take action to reclaim your identity and enjoy it. 

11. Cut them off. 

Cut ties and make it impossible for the narcissist to reach you. In extreme cases, you may have to move, leaving them no clue of your whereabouts. 

Do what you have to do to get them (and keep them) out of your life. Don’t waste your energy trying to change them into empathetic and respectful human beings. They might put on an act to let you think you’re making progress — even when you’re not. 

You deserve better than to be a narcissist’s plaything. 

FAQ About Making a Narcissist Miserable 

Now you probably have a better understanding of why a narcissist reacts the way they do when you act like an independent person (they hate that). Let’s wrap this up with some frequently asked questions, some of which might be lingering at the back of your mind. 

What makes a narcissist unhappy?

Pretty much anything that doesn’t give a narcissist what they feel entitled to will make them angry. If you ignore them, disregard their advice, or make decisions without getting their input, they will make their disapproval known to you. 

How do you humiliate a narcissist?

Call them out for offering advice or opinions that conflict with real factual information, and they’re likely to get furious, especially if they can’t either discredit those facts or convince everyone their opinion wasn’t actually in disagreement with them. 

how to make a narcissist miserable

No one wants to see their beliefs publicly exposed as factually incorrect; to a narcissist, exposing them to ridicule is an act of war. 

What are the weaknesses of a narcissist?

A narcissist’s biggest weaknesses are their inability to see their own behavior for what it is and their apparent disregard for how that behavior affects others. They either don’t realize or don’t care if their actions hurt others; their own ego is priority number one. 

Does silence hurt a narcissist?

Context is everything. Silence that implies submission or agreement is fine with narcissists (even preferable, sometimes). Silence that means they’ve failed to scare you into apologizing or letting them have their way is anathema.  

Now that you know 11 ways to make a narcissist miserable, which of them stood out for you? And what will you do differently today to protect yourself and your sanity from a narcissist you know?

Talking with a narcissist is a tiring and never ending cycle. Read this post and find out how to make a narcissist feel miserable.

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