Career Change: 10 Signs It’s Time To Cut And Run

Career changeImagine this . . .

You wake up in the morning before the alarm goes off.

You’re so excited about your day at work you can’t wait to get started.

Before you even arrive at the office, you’re filled with great plans about what you’ll accomplish for the day. You feel energized and creative, ready to… Continue Reading…

The Secret To Finding Meaning In Life

The Secret To Finding Meaning In LifeEvery morning you get out of bed, drink your coffee, tend to your tasks, go to work, interact with your family and friends, then come home and do it all over again. Day after day.

There is some variation.You’ll have days that are exciting and passionate. Others are boring and monotonous. Sometimes you feel… Continue Reading…

Should You Become A Life Coach?

Should You Become A Life Coach?Several years ago when I was searching for my life passion, I kept bumping into two careers that intrigued me — counseling and life coaching.

Before I began my passion search, I’d never heard of life coaching. But once it landed in my field of awareness, I started reading about coaching everywhere, hearing… Continue Reading…

Passion Quotes To Light Your Inner Fire

30 Life Passion Quote to Light Your Inner FireHave you ever wondered why it’s worthwhile to try to find your life passion?

There’s so much written about it, so many people touting it, and so many others seeking it. But the concept of “life passion” doesn’t make it easy to wrap your head around the reality of the outcome.

For those… Continue Reading…

10 Things To Do When You Have No Idea What To Do

don't sit on fenceDo you ever have those days when your brain goes on hiatus?

You’re sitting on the edge of your bed first thing in the morning or sitting at your desk wondering, “What should I be doing here?”  “What’s the best choice for this situation?” “How should I make the best use of my time… Continue Reading…

Life Passion Is Like Good Sex

How Life Passion Is Like Good SexOk, I admit it upfront. This gratuitous post title is meant to grab your attention.

But now that I have it, stay with me for a minute. There’s actually a lot of truth to my claim.

When I work with clients on finding their life passion, many of them can’t see the value of the… Continue Reading…

3 Reasons Why I Failed And How You Don’t Have To

iStock_000012993841SmallA guest post by Jennifer Boykin

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to do GREAT THINGS.

Because of that, I have had a lifelong passion for the study of personal transformation.  For decades now, I have practiced a daily program of personal discipline and loving service.

And yet,… Continue Reading…