What Is The Most Introverted Personality Type?

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Every Myers Briggs personality type gives a title to a complex set of fundamental personality traits, each with an onion’s level of layers beneath an extroverted or introverted façade.

Introverts are a select category of Myers Briggs types, often underestimated due to their quiet demeanors.

Some people are more introverted than others, but even the most introverted MBTI can harness the strengths of their particular type to achieve great success.

We have broken down each of the introvert personality types to help you understand the difference between these types, who are likely to be the most introverted, and the strengths that lie in these quiet personalities

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9 Signs Of A Self-Loathing Personality

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It’s not wrong to acknowledge that there are things you don’t love about yourself.

But when you consistently focus only on those things and act as though they outweigh anything lovable in you, you may have a self-loathing personality.

Unlike those who can weigh the good against the bad in themselves in a healthy way, people with self-loathing personalities have deeply-rooted feelings of inadequacy.

No matter how much loved ones praise you and admire you, and no matter how successful you may be, you feel worthless and filled with self-disgust.

But those who have this extreme self-hatred must accept that they don’t know themselves as well as they might think. When your self-perception is skewed, you only see a part of yourself — the part you dislike so much.

But that’s not a true reflection of reality. Once you can acknowledge that you aren’t the best arbiter of your worthiness, you can begin to heal and change your self-loathing personality into a self-loving personality.

It’s time you took a hard look at your thoughts and the resulting behaviors so you can begin to make improvements.

Let’s start with a clear definition of self-loathing.

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What Is An INFJ Door Slam?

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Maybe you know an INFJ and have witnessed the phenomenon known as the INFJ Door Slam.

Or maybe you’re the door slamming INFJ who would like to better understand why you do what you do with people who’ve exhausted your compassion.

After all, cutting people off completely is not your go-to. It’s a last resort. It’s not something you enjoy doing to anyone, but when you reach that point, it becomes easy to walk away from the one who’s crossed the line.

You can do it without hesitation – and without feeling anything but relief.

It’s not a zen thing. It’s the INFJ’s way to protect themselves from someone who has hurt them deeply — probably someone they thought or hoped they could trust.

But is it permanent?

And do all INFJ people do this?

Or more importantly, is there a way to open the door again?

And what would it take?

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27 Reasons To Be Thrilled You’re A Type B Personality

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When you think of Type A and Type B personalities, do you assume that people who are Type A are more successful and often in leadership roles while Type B people tend to stay more in the background?

Because our Type A friends are most often credited with all of the achievements in life (due to their ambition and organizational skills), we think that it’s time to bring to light the reasons why people with Type B personalities are great.

In fact, Type B’s are just as likely to succeed in life as their high-strung counterparts — but for different reasons.

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What Is An Introvert And Am I One?

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When you are at a party or at work, do you get noticed first by other people because you feel the need to take center stage?

Do you like to approach people you don’t know and make small talk or learn something about where they come from?

Or, would you rather stay out of the limelight and limit your conversations to a few meaningful ones rather than talking about the weather or sports?

If you love being the center of attention or being with groups of people, that means you are eager for contact and like to make a lot of connections with others. You might be an extrovert.

However, if you would rather stay in the background a bit, then you may prefer solitude rather than being around a large crowd of people. You are probably an introvert.

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