Need To Talk To Someone? 10 Qualities Of A Caring Confidant

Someone to talk to

I have never been someone who can keep my problems to myself or deal with them quietly and stoically.

If something is going on in my life that’s difficult or painful, I have to talk about it with someone. Talking about it helps me to process the situation, and it relieves the tension and anxiety that comes with ruminating.

I’m not always looking for a solution from the other person. Sometimes I just need a listening ear so I can unpack all of the emotions and gain more clarity about the problem.

Unfortunately, it took me a while to discover that not everyone is a good confidant. There are some people in my life with whom I can share the most private and painful feelings without concern. But there are others who are not empathic, trustworthy listeners.

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8 Natural Remedies For Panic Attack Relief

Natural Panic Attack Remedies

My friend Susan was driving on a busy Atlanta highway when she was struck by what she was certain was a heart attack.

Her heart started pounding out of her chest, her breathing was so constricted she was gasping for air, and she was pouring sweat.

She managed to pull off the highway and call her husband, tearfully explaining what happened and that she needed to get to a hospital. He picked her up and headed straight to the emergency room.

After a battery of tests and hours at the hospital, the doctors told my friend her heart was perfectly normal. She hadn’t had a heart attack. She’d had a panic attack.

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24 Anxiety Symptoms In Women And How To Annihilate Them

Anxiety Symptoms in Women

My dear fellow females, I’m sorry to inform you of this, but . . .

You are twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder in your lifetime as men.

This is probably no surprise to you, and if you’ve dealt with anxiety before, just reading about your predisposition to it might make you feel, well, anxious. I’ve had several episodes of intermittent and (ugh) persistent anxiety, and the symptoms you experience are formidable. I’d rather have the flu for a month than experience anxiety for a week.

Everyone feels anxious from time to time — waiting for test results, prior to a big speech, or interviewing for a job. But this post is about anxiety gone rogue — anxiety that knocks you flat on your butt and makes you want to jump out of your own skin. This is the foot-shaking, sweat producing, breath stealing miscreant who reduces you to a shadow of your pre-anxiety self.

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Find Your Passion With Something You Hate

There’s something I used to hate that I now feel passionate about.

I thought I would never even tolerate this something, much less feel passionate about it. Although I knew it would be good for me, and even though I tried to like it more times than I can count, I simply hated it.

I hated it because it hurt. It was hard. It was boring. I could never seem to do it as well as other people. And I never reached that state of joy that most people who find their passion with this something proclaim to reach.

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The Mind Body Connection: 5 Practices For Self-Healing

You already know this, but it bears repeating: your mental and emotional state impacts your health.

And your health impacts your mental and emotional outlook.

They are interdependent, and if you support one, you are healing the other. If you neglect one, you are jeopardizing the other.

In Western culture, we tend to neglect both.

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How To Increase Your Energy

“I’ve got more energy now than when I was younger because I know exactly what I want to do.” ~Ballet master George Balanchine

Have you ever noticed how everything in life slows down when you don’t have energy?

When you wake up tired or feel spent for some reason, it feels like you are slogging through quicksand just to get through the day.

Tasks that are generally no-brainers feel overwhelming. And anything that requires more than a thimble-full of concentration is simply crossed off the list. It ain’t gonna happen.

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Make Your Vision a Reality with a Theme for the Month

In my previous post, I wrote about how essential it is to create a life vision for yourself and gave you an exercise for writing your own life vision.

Often when I do this exercise with coaching clients, after they have written their vision, they begin to panic. They have just written this detailed vision for their life, but it looks very little like the life they have right now.

Their unspoken (or sometimes spoken) fear is, “How on Earth am I going to make all of this happen?”

When you create a vision that incorporates every aspect of your life and involves hundreds of actions and changes, not to mention facing some fears and self-doubt, it can be a bit daunting. How on Earth does one make all of this happen?

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Want to Still Be Dancing at 100? Do This, Not That

There are pockets in the world where people live longer.

Not just a little longer, but many years past the average life expectancy.

In fact, in some of these places, people have three times the chance of living to 100 than Americans do. Ouch.

And they aren’t warehoused in a nursing home or confined to a wheelchair. They are still active, engaged in life, and happy. They enjoy living and prefer it to the alternative.

I certainly don’t want to be an old creaker, sitting in a diaper while somebody feeds me warmed-over pablum. But if I could live to 90 or beyond and still  be healthy, happy, and active, would I want to? You bet. And I bet you would too.

So what do these centenarians have that we don’t?

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