31 Good Things To Talk About With Anyone

31 things to talk about with anyone

Have you ever been in that uncomfortable situation at a party when you have no idea what to say to the person standing in front of you?

You want to engage in conversation, if only to be polite, but you feel too shy, tongue-tied, or just at a complete loss for something intelligent to say.

So you stand there shuffling your feet, looking anywhere but at the other person (or people), praying you'll be magically teleported out of the room.

Most of us have felt this discomfort in social situations on occasion, but there are those with more naturally reserved personalities who struggle socially more often than not.

When my son was little, he was shy and reserved in new situations. He would hold back and remain quiet until he felt more comfortable joining in with the group.

As he got a older and would go to sleepovers, participate in after-school activities, and interact with more adults, he was involved in situations that required he introduce himself and speak up.

We discussed how important it is in certain situations, especially when meeting adults, to confidently introduce yourself and make a bit of small talk.

I knew mastering this skill would provide immediate positive results and give him a sense of self-assurance. And I knew it would pay off in the future throughout school, when he got his first job, or in any situation when making a first impression.

I taught him to smile, look people directly in the eye, extend his hand, and have one or two questions or comments handy to engage the person he was meeting.

I reminded him it would be uncomfortable the first few times he did this, but in time it would feel more natural and easy.

Over the next few years, I can't tell you the number of people who remarked to me, "Your son is so polite and poised. I was really impressed with the way he introduced himself."

Of course that made me feel proud, but also it gave me a great sense of comfort that he had mastered one of the most important skills anyone can have -- the ability to confidently meet someone new and start a conversation.

For anyone who is reserved, shy, or feels uncomfortable in social situations, starting a conversation can be overwhelming. You feel self-conscious and awkward, and often the fear and anxiety is triggered just anticipating the situation.

31 Good Things To Talk About With Anyone