Write It Out, Don’t Fight It Out: How To Use Letters To Heal Your Relationship

Does communicating with your partner sometimes feel impossible?

Do you wish you could just stop arguing and talk without defensiveness and hurt feelings?

Are there things you want to say or ask but feel too uncomfortable or embarrassed?

Sometimes communicating verbally can make a relationship issue worse rather than better, because things get too emotional or awkward.

You get wounded or angry. One of you stonewalls or walks away. You feel disrespected, unheard, and misunderstood.

You could try couple's therapy, but before you do, there's another way to communicate that's free, easy, and potentially life-changing for your relationship -- writing letters.

When talking breaks down or gets testy, writing letters to each other is a highly effective way to communicate in your love relationship or marriage.

That's why I've written my latest book, Write It Out, Don’t Fight It Out: How to Use Letters to Heal Your Relationship When Talking Gets Tough. (more…)