What Is My Passion? 10 Reasons You Need To Ask Yourself This Question

What is My Passion?

Too many people live lives of quiet desperation.

They wake up with a low level sense of dread, anxiety, or sadness.

They go to their jobs and feel under-utilized, unappreciated, and underwhelmed.

When they get home, they feel mentally and physically exhausted, with just enough energy to take care of the kids, fix a meal, and plop on the couch to watch a few hours of TV.

Then they wake up and do it all over again.

Even if this doesn't describe you exactly, I'm sure you can relate. We get in our ruts. We accept less than our dreams. We stay in jobs that don't inspire us or make us happy. We're stifled by inertia and confusion about how to change.

Life has a way of swallowing us up, and before we know it, we're far down a path that feels nothing like who we are or what we want for our lives. By the time we realize it, we have obligations and responsibilities that add yet another reason to stick with the status quo.

When we're in this position, it feels wildly indulgent to ask, "What is my passion?" Why set yourself up for disappointment when you can't do anything about it? You might entertain the question briefly, let your mind wander to all of the possibilities, only to be jarred awake to the reality of how impossible it would be. Or at least, so it seems.

Asking yourself this question can be the impetus for recreating your life. It happened for me. It's happened for hundreds of my clients and students. What if  you ask the question and find the answer? What if you find the answer and discover how to make it part of your life? Maybe it seems impossible, un-figure-out-able. But bear with me for a bit, and you may change your mind.

"What is my passion?" Here's why you need to ask yourself this question today: