31 Tips For Writing Your Book On Your Expertise

Writing A Book

So you are ready to write your book. You've made the decision to become a self-published author.

The only problem is -- you don't know what the heck to write about.

When you look on Amazon at all of the non-fiction books available, it's completely overwhelming. Every topic seems glutted with multiple books, many that are clearly doing quite well.

How do you know what niche to choose? How do you know what people will be interested in and what kind of book they would be willing to buy?

The best place to begin in deciding on a book niche and topic is the most obvious -- your own expertise.

Now you might say, "But I don't have an expertise. I'm not a PhD or a media personality or a CEO. What can I contribute that people would want to buy and read?"

But that mindset is short-sighted. You don't have to be a expert on a topic to share useful information and ideas. You just need to be "expert enough."

Think about all you have experienced and learned in life, from your various jobs to your hobbies, interests, and life roles (like being a parent). Don't discount the fact that the knowledge and experience you possess could be extremely useful to other people.

Any area where you have some level of expertise and interest is a niche worth exploring for your book(s).

Ready to get started?

Here are 31 tips for writing a book: