12 Socializing Skills To Skyrocket Your Confidence And Likeability

Socializing Skills

There are two types of people in social settings who are difficult to interact with.

The first one hardly says a word. They don't initiate conversation or participate in small talk. They smile infrequently, have trouble making eye contact, and tend to stand apart from the group.

Everything about their body language screams, "I am so uncomfortable here." Their discomfort and awkwardness makes others in the room feel uncomfortable.

The other type is the one who enters the room like a bull in a china shop. They demand attention by dominating conversations, laughing too loudly, interrupting people, and showing little interest in what others have to say.

They can't read the mood of the room or understand the dynamic of the social setting. They plow through with their own agenda, not understanding why people start gravitating away from them.

You've probably met both of these people at social events in the past. Maybe you can relate to one or the other yourself.

We aren't born with social skills -- we have to learn them along the way from parents, peers, and life experience.

Some people have personality types that make socializing more of a challenge. Others may have missed out on having good role models or opportunities to learn these skills.

If you lack socializing skills, it becomes painfully self-evident as you enter your teens and grow into an adult. The unfortunate consequences of poor social skills can hinder your career, impact your romantic life, and leave you feeling isolated and lonely.

Whether you are shy and standoffish or tend to be too gregarious and unrestrained, you can improve your social prowess with awareness and practice.

Here are 12 socializing skills to increase your confidence and attractiveness to others: