Setting Goals: How To Achieve Them In The New Year

Do you plan to set goals for the coming year?

If so, you're in good company. According to research recently published in The Journal of Clinical Psychology, nearly half of all Americans usually set New Year's resolutions and another 17% sometimes set them.

Every year we have high hopes for achieving our goals, making our lives better, and improving ourselves in some way. According to the same research, here are the top 10 goals set for the year in order of rank:

lose weight

get organized

spend less, save more

enjoy life to the fullest

stay fit and healthy

learn something exciting

quit smoking

help others in their dreams

fall in love

spend more time with family

All of these are worthy goals which can be life-changing if they are accomplished. You've probably set some of these same goals yourself in the past or for the coming year.

And you likely have high hopes and great intentions for achieving your goals this year. But according to The Journal of Clinical Psychology report, only 8% of us will actually be successful at following through and accomplishing what we resolve to do at the start of the New Year. (more…)

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