12 Self-Help Books To Help You Take Control Of Your Happiness

Self-Help Books

Raise your hand if you agree: self-help books have changed your life.

If you have the slightest interest in becoming a better person, evolving through self-awareness, and finding your personal path to happiness, then it's likely self-help books have impacted your journey for the better.

Granted there are some wackadoodle books out there that have you wishing on stars and rubbing crystals without much real help.

But there are hundreds of self-help books that have shifted my perspective, created many "aha" moments, lifted me up when I was in a funk, and even changed the direction of my life.

I know without a doubt that the only person in the world who controls your happiness is YOU. And I also know that self-help books are essential tools in making the changes and taking the actions once you seize that control.

Whatever challenge you are going through or dream you're trying to reach, you'll find a wellspring of resources and guidance simply by scanning the self-help section of Amazon.

Here are 12 self-help books that can help you take control of your happiness: