How To Fix A Relationship With A “Couple Bubble”

how to fix a relationship

Have you ever considered going to a relationship therapist to help you and your significant other work through conflict?

Frustration, fighting, and detachment are common problems in marriage or any intimate relationship, but when you learn how to create a "couple bubble," you have a powerful platform for quickly regaining trust and building intimacy and happiness in your love relationship.

Today I'm delighted to share this article by New York-based relationship therapist Harriet Pappenheim, LCSW, who will show you how to create a couple bubble in your own marriage or relationship.

Amy and John have been married three years, and are frequently at odds. Amy is often frustrated with her husband’s seemingly detached attitude towards their relationship. She feels as though she takes second place to his work and hobbies, and while she appreciates - even admires - his independence, she can’t help feeling neglected sometimes.

John can’t understand why his wife gets upset over seemingly trivial matters. He feels at times as though she is attacking him, and he instinctively withdraws. He loves her deeply, but wishes she weren’t so hungry for his attention.

The angrier she gets, the more distant he becomes. She feels he can be cold and uncaring. In fact, he is bewildered and hurt. He draws an invisible barrier about himself, and perfects the art of ignoring his wife whenever he senses antagonism in the air.

Ultimately, Amy decides that the best defense is to strive for indifference. “Stop being so needy”, she chides herself. After all, being autonomous is at the heart of a happy, healthy relationship. Right?

Here are some thoughts on how to fix a relationship to rebuild intimacy and connection:


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