What Is Passive Aggressive Behavior?

Have you ever had someone go belly-up when you asked them to do something?

They might tell you they'll follow-through, and they might even make some meager attempt at action. But ultimately the thing doesn't get done -- or doesn't get done right.

Or maybe you've been in a conflict with someone, and rather than addressing the issue directly, they pout or act sullen.

These are examples of passive-aggressive behavior -- a strange sort of non-action powered by an assortment of negative emotions, motivations, or downright hostility.

I don't know about you, but I can't stand passive-aggressive behavior -- not that I haven't used it myself on occasion. But I truly believe it is the bottom-dweller of behavior. It's the skulking, cowardly, manipulative way to get what you want or get out of doing what you don't want. It is the ultimate in avoidance and obfuscation. (more…)