The Secrets To Turning Your Passion Into Profit

If you've been reading Live Bold and Bloom for a while, you know how strongly I believe that bold living should incorporate finding your passion and making that passion part of your daily life.

I proselytize about this because of my personal experience.

I know how profoundly my life changed for the better when I found something I truly loved doing and started doing it as my day-to-day work. My job is exciting, deeply meaningful, and so much fun.

In addition to the thrill of writing several blogs and coaching people to improve their own lives, I'm getting paid to do what I love. I'm making a living at something that doesn't really feel like work to me. This hasn't been the case for most of my professional life. Has it been for yours?

If you've been struggling to find your passion or to make money from your passion, don't give up -- it is possible.

I want to share some strategic steps for both finding your passion(s), and also turning your passion into profit. (more…)