13 Steps To Quiet Your Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind

You have a project due in the morning. As you get ready for bed, you start to think about it.

"What will I wear? That blue shirt should work."

"Man, it was a busy day at work today. So many people needed my help."

"Oh yeah, I need to remember to help Jake with his science project before Thursday."

"Thursday is my sister’s anniversary. We should take them out to eat to celebrate."

"I’m hungry; what’s in the fridge?"

"Wait, is that clock right? I need to get to bed. I have to get up early to finish that project before work!”

The monkey mind strikes again, taking you on a mental escapade without your fore-knowledge or permission.

Even if you’ve never heard the term “monkey mind,” you’ve no doubt experienced it. Monkey mind is a Buddhist term used to describe how fast our thoughts change.

Much like a monkey swinging from branch to branch, our thoughts swing from topic to topic. Sometimes our monkey mind swings back and forth between two topics, as we try to figure something out subconsciously while talking to someone about a different topic.

Other times, usually when it’s quiet and we’re alone with our thoughts, our monkey mind hits every tree in the jungle of our brain!  Often these thoughts are negative or painful, leaving us mentally exhausted, stressed, and unhappy.

Is it possible to tame the monkey in your brain so you can enjoy peace of mind, focus, and more productivity? It is possible with awareness and practice.

13 Steps to Quiet Your Monkey Mind