Mindfulness Meditation: The Path To Inner Peace And Health

Mindful Meditation

Note: This is an excerpt from my book Peace of Mindfulness: Everyday Rituals to Conquer Anxiety and Claim Unlimited Inner Peace.

The practice of meditation is a way to transform your mind by creating a beautiful state of stillness, silence, and clarity for sustained periods.

As you practice meditation, you come to recognize the patterns and habits of your mind, and learn to cultivate a calm and positive mental state through the cessation of mental chatter and an increase in focused awareness.

Meditation requires no money, no special equipment or clothing, and takes a relatively short amount of time, especially in light of the rewards it provides. Through meditation, you strive to completely let go of the hectic world around you, and to find freedom from the past and future in order to achieve a state of bliss.

And as I outlined earlier, there are an abundance of physical and mental health benefits associated with meditation. These outcomes alone are compelling enough reasons to embrace a meditation practice. Additionally, many religious traditions like Buddhism see meditation as a way to end suffering, enhance love and compassion, gain insight and awareness, improve concentration, and ultimately reach a state of enlightenment. (more…)

Mindfulness Practice: 8 Powerful Benefits

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