10 Signs You’re In A Love-Hate Relationship

Love Hate Relationship

Picture this.

You're in an intense romantic relationship that you're excited about, and you love spending time with your significant other. When things are good, they are extraordinary.

However, there are times you just can't stand being around this person, and you feel such intense dislike for them that you wonder why you are in the relationship at all.

Your loving, tender moments devolve into hurtful words and regrettable behaviors.

When you're in a love-hate relationship, you definitely have strong thoughts and emotions that sway from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.

Because a relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster in the best circumstances, some couples don't see these intense ups and downs as anything unusual or unhealthy.

They think everything is normal, even though they might feel constantly on edge or insecure about the future of the relationship.

However, this emotional dissonance can also feel exciting and passionate. Reuniting with your lover after a period of hate and discord can be thrilling and intense. But is this drama the basis for a healthy, happy long-term connection?

The line between love and hate can get blurry when emotional chaos reigns in your relationship. Swinging from one extreme to another grows tiresome and is slowly destructive to your mental health.