Long Distance Relationship? 20 Ways To Stay Connected And Close

long distance relationship

So you're involved with this amazing person.

He is everything you want in a love partner. She is so exciting, loving, and beautiful.

When the two of you are together, it's magical. You want to spend every moment together learning more about each other and deepening your intimacy.

But there's just one problem . . .

You live far apart.

Not just across town far apart. I'm talking hundreds of miles away far apart. In another city, another state, or even across the country.

Both of you see the potential for a serious, committed relationship. Maybe you already are serious and committed.

But you don't get to spend much time together due to your careers, education choices, or simply the uncertainty about whether you are committed enough for one of you to pick up and move to be with the other.

You might see each other every other weekend, or maybe once a month for a long weekend.

The physical separation is gut-wrenching for both of you. It's hard to be apart from the person you love or care about deeply.

By the nature of being separated for long periods of time, your relationship is bound to develop more slowly and haphazardly.

You don't have hundreds of daily face-to-face opportunities to connect, touch, reassure one another, and work through the inevitable differences and conflicts of any relationship.

You don't get to observe one another often enough in the real-world situations that give you insight into your lover's character, personality, and ability to deal with stress.

There are so many built-in strains and potential pitfalls with a long-distance relationship that can tear the two of you apart.

Miscommunication, jealousy, boredom, and frustration can take a toll on your motivation and commitment to stick it out.

But even with these difficulties, it is possible to make a long distance relationship work and to thrive as a couple.

If you are in a long distance relationship, here are 20 ways to stay connected and nurture your love: (more…)