11 Steps To Not Feeling Lonely In Your Marriage

Feeling Lonely In Marriage

Most of us enter marriage believing we've found a life partner to hold our hands through life's ups and downs and cherish us for the rest of our days.

In the honeymoon phase of your lives together, you are so close and connected that you can't imagine feeling any differently.

But fast forward a few years -- after a few of those ups and downs, a couple of kids under your belt, and the inevitable waning of romance. Things aren't quite as blissful.

With time and normal life events, marriages can fall into an autopilot routine. Partners don't put in as much effort as they did when they first met to court one other or be attentive and present with their spouse.

Couples grow distracted with the demands of daily life and become more concerned with their own interests than the needs of their partner or the health of the relationship.

The longer this disengagement goes on, the more the couple pulls apart, living more like roommates rather than intimate partners and friends.

Over time, you can feel a profound loneliness in marriage even when you aren't actually alone.

If your emotional needs are not met in your marriage, this loneliness can cause depression, resentment, and insecurity, as you feel you no longer know this person you are married to.

Do you recognize any of these signs of loneliness within your marriage?

  • You feel your spouse doesn't listen to you.
  • You feel you can't meet your spouse's expectations.
  • You constantly try to keep the peace rather than address an issue that could cause conflict.
  • You stop caring about issues that arise between you.
  • You stop talking to your spouse about things that are going on in your life.
  • You and your spouse don't spend quality, happy time together very often.
  • You and your spouse are not as physically affectionate as you once were.
  • Your sex life has dwindled to almost nothing -- or sex is rote and emotionless.

If you notice these signs in your marriage, right now is not too soon to take action to end your loneliness and improve your relationship.

Here are 10 steps to not feeling lonely in your marriage: