3 Habits You Must Give Up If You Want Sustained Happiness

You, my friend, were born with a birthright.

You were born with the birthright to be happy every single day.

Everything you need to be happy is given to you from the moment you make your first cry. And you still have those things to this very day.

  • You have your primary needs met -- food, shelter, clothing.
  • You have intelligence that allows you to work, create, observe, feel, and experience.
  • You have relationships with people who care for you, who engage with you, and who afford human connection.
  • You live on a beautiful, amazing planet free for you to explore and enjoy.
  • You have easy access to information, ideas, books, entertainment, music, art, and many other things to heighten the senses and stimulate the mind.

In other words, you truly have everything you need right now to be happy. (more…)