Can Your Intimate Relationship Survive This?

Can Your Intimate Relationship Survive This?

Our relationship with our intimate partner or spouse is the most important relationship of our lives.

It is the centerpiece around which everything else in our lives revolves. Or at least it should be.

This significant other, our love relationship, can define our happiness and well-being, our sense of security, and even our self-confidence and self-esteem. When things are going well with our beloved, life is generally good. Even when other parts of our lives are difficult or challenging, having the loving support and presence of your partner make these challenges easier to tolerate and overcome.

But when there is turmoil in the relationship, it infects not only the equanimity between you and your partner, but also it disrupts our peace of mind, our confidence in ourselves , and the stability of the relationship.

Relationship problems and conflicts arise for so many reasons, from finances to child-rearing. And often disagreements can boil over into full-blown, foot-stomping, voice-raising, door-slamming battles.

With time, perspective, and calm communication, most of these relationship conflicts can be resolved and the relationship repaired. Sometimes these conflicts can result in the strengthening of the relationship, as hurt feelings are aired, conflicts are unknotted, and the couple learns better relationship skills in the process.

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However, there is one relationship problem that can be very difficult to overcome. In fact, it can spell the end of the relationship if it isn't acknowledged and addressed early and promptly.

What is this insidious problem? (more…)

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