How To Publish A Book: 10 Simple Steps To Finally Become An Author

How to Publish a Book

I was surprised to learn that 81% of Americans want to write a book.

The statistic is surprising because so few people actually do.

Of those who do write a book and attempt to publish through traditional channels (ie: big publishing companies), about 98% get a rejection letter. That statistic alone is enough to turn away the vast majority of would-be authors.

Which is a shame.

A damn shame.

Because there are so many people who have important things to write about, things that could help and inspire other people.

YOU are one of those people, even if you've never considered writing a book before. You have a wealth of experience, interests, and ideas accumulated through a lifetime that other people could benefit from. Think about it for a minute. Think about what you know through your career, relationships, hobbies, and life challenges.

You probably take these things for granted, assuming no one would find them useful or interesting. But you're wrong. There are people all over the world searching for the knowledge you could share with them.

So back to that 98% rejection statistic. You might wonder why you'd want to go to the effort of writing a book if the odds of getting it published are so low. Good news future author: you can publish your own book without facing the prospect of a rejection letter.

Self-publishing has changed the entire playing field, and now anyone who has a book inside of them can get it out, publish it, and sell it.

However, just because you can self-publish doesn't mean you should throw out a crappy book and expect it to sell. But you wouldn't want to do that anyway. Self-publishing gives you the opportunity to present your book to the world, but you have to seize the opportunity by producing a quality book that people will want to buy.

Can you do that?

Yes you can.

It's not as intimidating or confusing as you might think, and with 10 books and counting under my belt (with several that are bestsellers), I can attest to the fact that it is quite doable.

Whatever self-doubts you have at the moment about writing and publishing a book, set them aside as you read through this post, and challenge yourself to make writing and publishing a book one of your goals for the year.

Here's how to publish a book in 10 simple steps: