The Ultimate Guide To Practicing Mindfulness

How to Practice Mindfulness

Answer this honestly: how much of your day do you give up to stress, worry, regret, and rumination?

How much time do you spend thinking about the future -- the next thing you want to do or achieve?

How much time do you spend longing for things to be different than they are?

What if you could live each moment as a microcosm of your happiest, most contented times, without the mental and emotional baggage of distraction and anxiety?

This might seem impractical -- even impossible. Life is busy and distracting. You are constantly pulled away to the next thought, task, or obligation.

Every day there are challenges to face, painful memories that bubble to the surface, and unexpected emotions that wash over us.

Our minds respond automatically, sending us down rabbit holes of negative thinking or longing. It feels like our minds determine our emotional well-being -- like we have no control over what pops in our heads and takes over our thoughts.

But we do have control. And we do have the ability to transform many of our moments into peaceful, happy, and contented experiences through the practice of mindfulness.

How to Practice Mindfulness


What Is Mindfulness? 3 Easy Ways To Practice It Daily

What Is Mindfulness?

I suffered with it for years. At times it was debilitating. Sometimes it made me physically ill. I’m sure there are times when you deal with it too. Stress and anxiety. The feeling of overwhelm. A racing heart. Unexplained dread. Looping thoughts. Panicky feelings. Exhaustion. Life IS stressful. All of the normal, everyday stimuli, demands,…  Continue Reading