Organize Your Life: 5 Habits To Streamline And Simplify

Organize Your Life

I'm in the process of preparing my house for sale. My youngest daughter graduates from high school this year, and I'll be without a child in the house for the first time in 23 years.

Having lived in the same house for nearly 18 of those 23, we've accumulated a lot of stuff. I'm just realizing exactly how much stuff, as I'm going through the process of getting rid of a lot of it.

I wish I'd created more habits around streamlining my possessions during those 18 years. When you have a house with a lot of storage space, you tend to store a lot -- stuff that just sits there and collects dust. Now I'm paying the price, as I have to sort through years of accumulation so I can stage this house for sale and downsize to a new house.

The positive side of this purging mania is the amazing feeling of having less. It's hard to express how much lighter and more free I feel without so many things cluttering up all of the spaces in my house. In fact, I'm using this experience as the foundation for a new decluttering book I'm writing with bestselling author Steve Scott, which will come out later in 2015.

I admit, I've never had great organizing and decluttering habits until the last few years when I started embracing simplicity in all areas of my life. Through my own experiences and the research I've conducted, organizing and simplifying your life (not just your stuff) has profound health, psychological, and productivity benefits. If you are thinking about creating new habits for 2015, I'd recommend you consider some related to getting your life in order.

Here are 5 habits to learn how to organize your life: