How To Get Over Someone You Love Who Has Left You

How to Get Over Someone

You've heard the old saying, "All good things must come to an end."

Sadly, if this saying applies to your love relationship, and you aren't ready for that ending to come, it can be heartbreaking.

Nothing prepares you for that emotional punch in the gut when your one and only announces it's over, especially when you are still deeply in love with him or her.

Initially you experience shock and disbelief, and you desperately try to convince your lover that it can't be true, it can't really be over.

Later on, you might feel anger, jealously, betrayal, and grief. All of these feelings are a normal part of the process of losing someone you love. But you wonder if you'll ever reach the point of feeling acceptance and inner peace.

It seems impossible that the day will come when you can move past this person who still has your heart. Letting go feels like giving up and admitting defeat. Maybe there's still a chance. Maybe he or she will see the light and come back.

Fortunately, time is a powerful anesthetic and healer. You will learn and grow from this painful relationship and eventually move on with your life.

Once the exquisite suffering of losing someone you love begins to dull, you will feel like yourself again, and your feelings of despair and longing will begin to fade.

So, what can you do to help the healing process so you can get back to your normal, happy self?

Here's how to get over someone you love and move on with your life: