8 Proven Tricks To Stay Focused And Improve Concentration

How To Focus

Do you ever feel like you are doing a lot of things at once, but you're not getting much accomplished?

With pervasive distractions like social media, smartphones, and never ending emails, it's far too easy to get pulled away from the task at hand.

By the end of the day, you have very little to show for the exhaustion you feel and the time you've put in.

How can you focus on just one thing when there are constant interruptions that feel equally pressing, interesting, or important?

Technology has streamlined and simplified many tasks, but it has also mushroomed into a time-suck that has an addictive quality by providing small "rewards" every time we engage.

It reinforces the sense that you'll miss out on something life-changing if you don't pay attention to several things at one time.

No wonder we feel stressed and overwhelmed, unable to concentrate long enough to complete a task or finish a project.

It takes self-control and willpower to manage all of the distractions that pull you away from what you should be doing. And it takes practice to strengthen your "focus muscle" so you don't feel agitated as you detach from these distractions.

Digital distractions won't spontaneously leave you alone. You have to be proactive in your efforts to minimize them and manage the mental clutter.

Once you set the stage for better concentration and focus, there are some skills you can employ to help clear your mind and zero in on the task at hand.

Here are 8 proven ways on how to focus and improve your concentration.