What Is The Work You Can’t Not Do?

Special Note: This post features an amazing talk by my friend and fellow online entrepreneur Scott Dinsmore during his talk at TED on the power of passion in your work. Please click here if you'd prefer to skip directly to the video.

Are you experiencing your career passion?  Are you experiencing a fulfilling career?

For most of my professional life, I did work that I fell into by chance.

When I was a senior in college, my mom was dying of breast cancer. I spent the last semester of my college life back at home, taking care of her while working on an independent study to finish my degree.

When I graduated, I had an English major from a liberal arts college.

I had no direction or guidance from my college adviser or the placement office regarding what to do with said degree. My mom was in no position to guide me. I briefly considered law school but quickly abandoned the idea as she grew sicker.

An English major (with a minor in Philosophy) was loads of fun in college. But once I graduated, there was no clear career path. So I put my life and future in the hands of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution want ads. And it shot back an intriguing little notice: Special Events Assistant Needed, Macy's Department Store. (more…)

Are You Sabotaging Your Career? 5 Behaviors You Need to Avoid

Your job is a huge part of your life. If you work a typical 40-hour work week, that’s around 2000 hours a year spent on the job. You spend more waking time working than you do with your spouse, partner, children, or friends. Hopefully, your job is more than a job. Hopefully, it is your…  Continue Reading