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How To Rekindle Your Relationship And Fall In Love Again

Stop reading for a moment, and think back to the first few weeks after you met your spouse or love partner. Actually try to visualize an early date where you were cuckoo for CoCo Puffs about this amazing person. And they felt the same about you. Remember how it felt falling in love, how happily […]


Can Your Intimate Relationship Survive This?

Our relationship with our intimate partner or spouse is the most important relationship of our lives. It is the centerpiece around which everything else in our lives revolves. Or at least it should be. This significant other, our love relationship, can define our happiness and well-being, our sense of security, and even our self-confidence and […]


Do You Expose Yourself to Everyone? How to Reclaim Your Emotional Dignity

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar. You have a problem or worry. Maybe you are angry at your spouse, or you’ve done something embarrassing, or you feel particularly insecure. So you pick up the phone and call a friend. You are feeling vulnerable and unsure, so you spill the beans. You lay it all […]