5 Holiday Traditions You Should Absolutely Break

The holiday season is all about traditions.

Every family has their own.

We have a tradition in our house that the kids get pajamas every year for Christmas, and they always open them Christmas Eve to sleep in that night. Since my daughters are dancers, going to their Nutcracker performances has always been part of our holiday tradition. And before any kids can run downstairs to open gifts, the tree lights must be turned on, the holiday music is playing, and of course the coffee is brewing.

Traditions are valuable, especially during the holidays when family and friends come together more often. They provide a sense of comfort and security because you know what to expect and can count on the familiar activities and celebrations you've enjoyed year after year.

They often provide a reason to strengthen bonds and bring families closer together for a holiday meal, gift opening, or a religious service. And they afford a sense of belonging and community, because you participate with a larger group in common rituals. And of course holiday traditions create great memories and can influence the younger generation to pass down traditions to their own children. (more…)

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