22 Cool Things To Buy As Gifts This Holiday Season

cool things to buy

Here it comes again.

Before you toss out the pumpkin and polish off the Halloween candy, the Christmas and Hanukkah season is upon us.

At least it is according to the retailers who begin splashing seasonal decor and sales offers from storefronts to your inbox before November 1st.

Most of us would rather fully enjoy that holiday in-between Halloween and Christmas, and maybe finish off the leftovers before the whirlwind that awaits us. But alas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday make that difficult.

A head start on the holiday season isn't all bad. If you begin early, you can get your holiday shopping done before the mad rush and avoid retail overload during what's supposed to be the season of peace and joy.

To make things even easier for myself, I do 95% of my shopping online. Why fight the crowds at the mall and the crazy traffic when I can shop from the comfort of my home?

My goal is to find unique, interesting gifts for my loved ones, and it's so much easier looking online where you can find virtually anything at the click of a button.

If you've started thinking about holiday shopping, here are 22 cool things to buy for your friends and family: