4 Cool Careers That Don’t Take Years of Training

A few years ago, I wanted to start over with my career. I'd been in public relations off and on for over 25 years. When my oldest child left home, I had more time to devote to building my career, but I just couldn't get jazzed about cranking up my PR consultancy.

I have changed over the years. My interests and values have shifted. I loved working in public relations when I was younger and childless. I got to travel, work with celebrities and fashion, live in New York, and meet all kinds of interesting people.

As the years passed by, these things didn't mean as much to me anymore. I knew something was missing in my work life, but I didn't know what career would be rewarding and fulfilling for me. I was also scared that I was too old to change careers or to start over with something new that would take years of education.

During this time, I did a lot of research on various career options. I started by taking a Myers Briggs test to see a list of careers that matched my personality type. This was helpful as it reinforced my natural abilities and interests in personal development, helping others, writing, and communication. Ultimately, I went back to school to become certified as a personal and career coach. (I will write about how to become a coach in a future post.)