99 Career Quotes To Inspire Passionate Work

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The alarm clocks blares. You roll over, switch it off, and try to wake up.

What day is it?

Oh yeah -- another work day. It's time to get up, get dressed, and start moving.

When it hits you that it's time to get up for work, what's your immediate reaction? Do you feel dread? Anxiety? Boredom? Or do you wake up with anticipation, excitement, and enthusiasm?

Is your career just a job, or is it a passion?

Work is necessary for our survival, but passionate work is necessary for our soul. We fill our days, and therefore much of our lives, with our daily work.

Endless years stuck in a mediocre, tedious, or passionless job makes for a very unhappy life.

Perhaps you feel trapped in your career and have no idea how to find a job you love. Maybe your job is OK, but it's not really what you long to be doing.

If you're feeling uninspired and confused about your work, it's helpful to hear what great thinkers and successful professionals have to say about work you love.

Here are 99 career quotes to inspire passionate work: