575+ Bucket List Ideas To Live A No Regrets Life

Bucket List

Let's say you live to age ninety.

How many days do you have left to live? Take your age now and subtract it from ninety, then multiply that number by 365.

That's pretty finite, isn't it?

It might seem like you have plenty of days left (especially if you're younger than 40 or so), but remember that most of your time is taken up with work, sleep, and the tasks of just living. Those things alone account for 18-20 hours of every day, with a few more free hours on the weekends.

That doesn't leave much time for the good stuff -- the stuff you're working so hard for. The stuff you dream about -- the adventures, the relationships, the memories, and goals that are important to you.

Most people get to the end of their lives never really living. They never do those important things they always planned on doing. Somehow time slips away, it seems too costly or impossible to achieve. Other things keep getting in the way and jumping to the top of your priority list.

Then one day you look back with regret at all of the things you wanted to accomplish but never did.  "If only I'd taken the time to . . ."

It takes planning, saving, and determination to make these things happen. If you don't want to look back with regret, you must create your bucket list and start checking things off, month after month, year after year.

Want some ideas?

Here are 575+ bucket list ideas to live a no regrets life: