9 Of The Best Board Games for Couples

Board games for couples

One of the things couples should never lose is their playfulness.

The ability to bring fun into the relationship not only spices up your union, but it also creates room for bonding.

In marriage, where life can often be pretty serious, games allow you to unwind while engaging with your partner.

During a date night or while relaxing at home, a fun board game with just the two of you or other couples is a great way to spend the evening.

Many couples view playfulness and fun as purely leisure activities. This perception limits play and fun to a reward that must be earned.

This perception ignores the benefits of play to a relationship.

Play brings joy and healing to the relationship. According to relationship research psychologist, Howard Markman, "The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant."

Spending time playing games allows a couple to refocus on their relationship and the close connection they have. Play not only builds a bond, but also it improves your optimism and even your health.

Here are nine board games for couples that you should check out: