Big Five Personality Traits: What Is Your Score?

Big Five Personality Type

How would you describe your personality? How would the people who know you well describe it?

Do you know your personality type, and if so, does it ring true for you?

Personality type is intriguing but sometimes confusing. However, understanding our own personalities and how others perceive us is a big part of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

This awareness can also help you make better career decisions, have more empathy for others, and improve your decision-making abilities.

By embracing your own personality and how you are naturally wired to interact in the world, you can better manage your life to support your strengths and modify your weaknesses if necessary.

You can also learn to be more accepting of yourself and more aware of how to choose relationships that support who you are -- rather than struggling to be someone you're not.

With so many personality tests and various theories on personality, it's hard to know which one best identifies the true elements of one's personality.

There is one theory of personality that seems to have a universal application regardless of language or culture -- the "Big Five Personality Traits."

This personality theory was originally derived by two independent research teams in the 1970's -- Paul Costa and Robert McCrae (at the National Institutes of Health), and Warren Norman (at the University of Michigan)/Lewis Goldberg (at the University of Oregon).

Today, many personality psychologists believe that there are just five basic dimensions of personality, rather than the more complicated and varied personality traits in other theories.

The Big Five are broad categories of personality traits that exist on a continuum between two extremes. Most people lie somewhere in between the two ends of each dimension.

What determines where we fall on this continuum? Research suggests that both biological and environmental factors play a role in shaping our personalities.

What are the Big Five Personality Traits and what is your score?