Ambivert Personality? 10 Clues This Might Be You

Ambivert personality

I love having a career where I can work from home.

I spend a lot of time writing, researching, and creating courses and other content. All of this is done alone but for the company of my trusty little Mac.

Working from home gives me a ton of flexibility and allows me to focus on my work without too many distractions. I enjoy the quiet time when I can brainstorm and reflect without someone in a neighboring cubicle coming by to shoot the shit.

But every couple of days I start to go stir crazy. I get agitated and feel isolated. I stare out the window, waving at random passers by, hoping they might come in and, well, shoot the shit.

Even though I work and live with my life partner, Ron, I miss the company of my friends and family. I miss having a team of people to bat ideas around with. I miss feeling the energy of other people around me.

When this happens, I call my friends to arrange a group dinner. I'll schedule time to visit my young adult children. Or Ron and I will meet up with another couple for the evening.

Sometimes I'll arrange to participate in a webinar or podcast with other online entrepreneurs or attend local a networking meeting.

Spending time with smallish groups of people fills up my emotional tank and allows me to express the extroverted bits of my personality. But after a few hours around people and putting myself out there, I'm ready to be on my own again.

If I had to label myself, I'd say I'm an extroverted introvert. But there's another word that better captures the personality type of those of us who aren't all introvert or all extrovert. We are ambiverts.

Are you an ambivert personality?