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Couples Communication Course

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Learn Healthy Communication Skills and Build the Loving, Intimate Relationship You Always Wanted.
Research confirms that effective communication with your partner will result in both higher relationship and sexual satisfaction.
So many couples get trapped in hurtful patterns of conflict and misunderstanding. Learn to create more positive patterns so you can put your energy into truly connecting and enjoying each other.
Learn communication strategies that will transform your relationship and strengthen your bond.

"This course of ‘Couples Communication’ is the definitive roadmap for building and maintaining a relationship that stands the test of time. She hits all the major obstacles relationships struggle with from overcoming communication boundaries to developing emotional maturity. The course is stacked with powerful actions couples can take to make their relationship work."

headshot scott allan

~Scott. A

Couples Communication Course student

Simple Self-Confidence

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Ready to Massively Boost Your Confidence? Feel Successful, Attractive and Socially Skilled Every Day.
Research shows that confident people earn bigger incomes, have happier relationships, and are more successful in general.
YOU can be one of these people when you learn the proven skills to boost your confidence -- even if you've struggled with low confidence all your life.
This program gives you the step-by-step method to create powerful change in your mindsets and actions to feel great about yourself and your abilities.

"Barrie has literally created the confidence manifesto I've needed for a very long time. Her program was gentle and took me through a confidence building process that I will continue to use to support my self-confidence."


Simple Self-Confidence student

Katie Tallo

Author and film director

"Barrie possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical wisdom. She willingly shares her greatest gift — the ability to help you lead a better life.


Path to Passion course banner
Design your life around what you love.
Your personal roadmap to find and live your life passion.
If you feel stuck, confused, and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make your life and work more interesting and fulfilling, this is the program for you.
This one-stop resource will clarify exactly what to do to find and live your passion so you feel confident you're making the right decisions for your life.

"Barrie is the real thing. She deeply cares about people finding their passion and living it. It shows in every single thing she does. I have grown and blossomed in her program Path to Passion. Everything I need is there to help me hone into the passion that is truest and ‘now’ for me, understand my intelligence/creative type of brain and getting the support to cultivate it. It’s like a nice soothing glass of wine and the best conversation with a dear friend at the end of the day. Thank you Barrie!


Path to Passion Course student

Book Writing Habit Course

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Learn the Science-Backed Skills for Writing Book After Book.
Develop a solid writing habit so you don't give up, and finish your 25,000-word book in just 10 weeks (starting with only 200 words a day). 
We show you how to get past your book writing insecurities, maintain your motivation, and stay on track with your writing plan. Plus, receive a bonus to help you discover bestselling book ideas!

"I thought I had a pretty good idea of how to write a book, but after going through this course, I’m more excited than ever about this process of gradually increasing my daily output -- while writing a 25,000 word book! 

The workbooks make the pre-planning stage as fun as it is painless; just going through gave me energy to get started on my new book idea. I now have a strategy to write my book while still honoring my other commitments."

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~Sarah L.

Book Writing Habit Course student

Leo Babauta

Zen habits 

"Barrie walks the walk, and knows how to simplify complex problems with actionable, easy steps.

Emotional Abuse Breakthrough

Emotional Abuse Breakthrough course banner
Set firm boundaries and regain your dignity and self-esteem.
Living with an emotional abuser can damage your mental health and self-worth.
In this private course, you'll learn to recognize covert emotional abuse tactics, know how to respond, and create safe strategies to protect yourself and your children from psychological harm.
Get 23 short easy-to-follow lessons with companion worksheets you can use on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Manipulators know how to twist things around and make you feel so confused and guilty. If you are stuck in a relationship with a narcissist who controls you and has to have everything his way, this course will show you a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way to break this abuse cycle and build your self-esteem. I really like how this course helps you figure out whether or not to leave the relationship and to know if there's hope for your abuser to change." ~ Jodi R.

Sticky Habits Course

5 Minutes A Day To A Better You.
Finally, commit to your habits and reach your goals without giving up.
Applying proven techniques from brain science and habit research, this course offers a simple system to learn the lifetime skills of unbreakable habit creation.
Starting with 5 minutes a day, you'll cement a positive new habit in just a few weeks for a healthier, happier, more confident you.

"I love this course and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive life changes. The Sticky Habits Method has helped me be consistent with my new habits. Since starting the course I've developed these habits:  daily journaling, reading a devotional book, daily practice of a musical instrument and daily getting up early. I have tried all these activities in the past, and have given up. Since doing the course I now have confidence that I will be able to develop many new future habits that will change my life for the better.



Sticky Habits Course student

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