100 Ideas For Personal Growth Guide


Don’t you think we really need strategies to help us move forward in life? I mean, without some direction, we flounder along going whichever way the winds blow us. I’ve always been interested in personal development, and I love reading books from great thought leaders who give me ideas and inspiration. The problem I once had was that I’d read the book, but I didn’t take the actions to apply the ideas to my life. Now I know that determined ACTION is the greatest tool to make things happen in your life. I get the feeling you’re an action-oriented person, especially since you signed up for my Toolkit and have been reading these guides. I think that’s amazing, and I applaud your willingness to go for it — to implement change, not just read about it.


his guide will help you do just that. It’s an expansive list of actions you can take to accelerate your personal growth in order to live aligned with your values and life priorities. Choose a few of these ideas that really resonate with you, and start taking action today (why not?) so you can hand-build the kind of life you want.

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