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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  Who are Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport?

A. Barrie Davenport is a 5-time bestselling author, entrepreneur and certified life coach. She is the founder of the top ranked website Live Bold and Bloom​ and the co-founder of Authority Pub Academy where she teaches authors to self-publish and market their books.

Q.   Who should sign up for this "Sticky Habits" video series?

A.   This video series is for anyone who wants to overcome limiting beliefs and discover the powerful method of creating habits that last.

Q.   What if I've always failed at setting goals and new habits?

A.   That's not uncommon. It's easy to give up and quit on a goal when you feel overwhelmed and unclear on the simple steps to habit creation. By watching these videos, you can shorten the learning curve and accelerate your success.

Q.   What's the catch? Is this video series really free?

A.   Yes, this 3-part video series is completely free. But don't wait because it will only be available for a few weeks. Simply click on the button below and enter your email address to get instant access.