Declutter Supplies

In our bestselling book, 10-Minute Declutter, Steve Scott and I show how to create a declutter habit where you organize a home into simple 10 minute steps.

Of course, before you start decluttering, will need certain items to get the job done right.

As you clean, sort, and organize, it is likely that you will create a larger mess. Since a big part of the decluttering habit is to have an organized environment while you're cleaning in order to not be surround by piles of junk.

It is always better to have all your equipment on hand before starting rather than going and finding things as needed. It is all about efficiency. We've included suggestions for some basic supplies you'll need for decluttering, as well as recommendations for products for most every room of your house.


Basic Supplies



In order to time your decluttering tasks into bite size chunks, you'll need a timer to keep you on track. A watch or an app is perfectly fine, but an egg timer or this digital timer here are also great solutions.

Check it out: Presto Electronic Digital Timer




Boxes for decluttering your homeIn preparation for your decluttering project, you'll need to have lots of extra boxes for staging, storing, or donating certain items.  You can gather old boxes from friends and neighbors, but for a fairly low cost you can also get different sized boxes online.

This specific kit includes as assortment of sizes for different rooms and projects, as well as packing supplies and tape.

Check it out: Moving Boxes Economy Value Kit 



71VJKP1+qyL._SL1500_You will definitely use markers for your declutter project to label boxes, plastic containers, shelving, and jars. Permanent markers are great because they work well on plastic. Sharpie is a brand of high quality permanent markers.

These 12 pack pens are good quality and a great buy if you don't already have heaps laying around the house.

Check it out: Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, Box of 12 Markers


Post-it Notes

Post-it for organizing your homeNot only do I use these when decluttering, I also use them for my business. Post-it notes are one of the greatest inventions ever, and you can use them post reminders on cabinets, drawers, boxes, etc. about things you need to take action on. They can help you quickly plan out your decluttering project.

Check it out: Post-it Notes, 5 Pads/Pack 

Moving Labels 

Moving Labels for precise decluttering and home organizationUse these moving labels to identify the rooms where certain boxes belong. If you don't want to spend the time writing on boxes or labels, just slap one of these puppies on a box, and you're good to go.


Check it out: Moving Labels with 140 Labels, 14 Different Colors


Shelf Liner

download (2)Since you're taking the time to organize and declutter, now is a great time to add or replace shelf lines. These liners make your shelves and drawers look fresh and modern, and they provide a surface that is easy to clean with only soap and water.

The shelf liner here is only one option. There are dozens of choices to suit your tastes and needs.

Check it out: Con-Tact Brand Creative Covering Self-Adhesive Shelf Liner


Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning and decluttering glovesHeavy cleaning will be a part of the decluttering process. Save your hands from harsh chemicals and soaps by wearing cleaning gloves. Stock up on a few pair to see you through decluttering your entire house. Use them while doing the dishes too!

The Playtex Living Gloves have a number of benefits: superior protection, comfort to wear because of its soft cotton lining, reinforced fingers/palm and protective drip-catch cuffs.

These gloves are trusted to provide the highest quality and protection for indoor and outdoor household chores.

They comes in a handy 3-pack, so you can multiple uses from one purchase.

Check it out: Playtex Living Gloves


Step Stool 

Stepping Stool for cleaning and decluttering You'll definitely need a step stool to reach high shelves in just about every room you declutter.

Here's a simple and inexpensive stool is a great option. It has non-marring, skid-resistant front leg tips and back glides for stability, which makes it safe for reaching those heights.

It's also easy to fold, store, and carry around. This is important because you don't want to cart around a bulky item from room to room.

I have this same step stool myself at home…it's both portable and safe.

Check it out: Rubbermaid Folding 2-Step Lightweight Steel Step Stool 


Cleaning Cloth

Cloth great for decluttering while cleaningWhen cleaning, you do not necessarily need a specialized cloth for every surface. Papertowels will usually do fine. Old cloths and rags often also work quite well for cleaning surfaces.

But if you really want the best cleaning solution, then purpose built, microfiber, lint-free cloths will be your best bet.

These Microfiber Cloths are 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, measuring 14.2 Inch x 14.2 Inches. They clean gently, removing dirt and grime like a magnet. They are super absorbent, holding up to 5-6 times their weight in liquid (based on our testing). They come in 8 packs of cloths.

Check it out: Sundix(TM) 2in1 Microfiber Magic Cleaning Cloths (Pack of 8, 4-Colors)


Kitchen Supplies


Food Storage Containers

food storage containers for organizing kitchensThese stackable containers will help you organize and save space when decluttering your kitchen and fridge. Select clear containers with easy-to-find lids that are safe for using in your refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.

This set includes: (2) 0.5 Cup easy find lid containers, (2) 1.25 Cup easy find lid containers, (2) 2.0 Cup easy find lid containers, (2) 3.0 Cup easy find lid containers, (2) 5.0 Cup easy find lid containers, and (2) 7.0 Cup easy find lid containers.

Check it out: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid 24-Piece Food Storage Container Set


Hanging Cup Rack

61MqIjCpsTL._SL1500_Save space in your cabinets by hanging your cups. This sliding cup rack mounts easily under or inside cabinets to organize mugs and cups. It slides out for easy access. It's made of ABS plastic with screws included for mounting.

Check it out: Hanging Cup Rack



Pull-out Cabinet Organizer 

pull-out organizers for pots for decluttering kitchen cabinetsThese pull-out organizers make organizing, decluttering, and everyday cooking in your kitchen so much easier. In stall these, and you'll never have to struggle to find pots, pans and lids again.

The Glideware Pull-out Cabinet Organizer for Pots and Pans is designed to fit any standard depth base cabinet. It has fully adjustable/removable hooks that accommodate any size and shape of cookware.

Check it out: Glideware Pull-out Cabinet Organizer for Pots and Pans


Stemware Holder

stemware rack for decluttering kitchensYou can save space on your countertops and cabinets by handing stemware on a stemware rack under a counter. Use this for sturdier everyday stemware, as crystal can get chipped if you bump them.

This Fox Run Wooden Wine Glass Holder can be mounted under your top kitchen cabinet to keep wine glasses handy. It holds up to 6 wine glasses and may be painted to match cabinets or wall color, or may be left in their natural finish.

Check it out: Fox Run Wine Glass Holder


Magnetic Spice Rack

magnetic spice rack for an organized kitchenSave drawer and cabinet space with this magnetic spice rack that mounts on the wall above or next to your stove. The Kamenstein Magnetic Spice Rack holds tin canisters securely in place so they are easy to access and store.

This is perfect for spices, but also it's a great storage solution to organize a variety of small items and keep them handy, like craft, sewing, or workshop supplies.

Check it out: Kamenstein Magnetic Spice Rack with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years, 12-Tin Square 


 Food Storage Containers 

91+KTpl+H-L._SL1500_Airtight food storage containers are great for storing leftovers, soups, sandwiches, fruits, chips, pet food, and anything else you have on hand. The clear plastic allows you to easily identify what's inside.

You can also store remaining medications in an airtight plastic container on the top shelf, out-of-reach from small children.

Check it out: Komax Biokips Food Storage Containers Set Airtight (9)


Oil and Vinegar Cruet

save sapce in your kitchen with oil and vinegar cruetsDecorative oil and vinegar cruets take up less space in your cabinet, so you can store larger refill bottles in the pantry to use when the cruets are empty.

The Chef's Planet 8-Ounce Glass Cruet is made from break-resistant Pyrex glass and has a convenient drip-less pour spout that makes it great for drizzling directly onto pastas, salads, soups, or fresh baked breads.

Check it out: Chef's Planet 8-Ounce Glass Cruet


Kitchen Dish Towels 

keep kitchens clean with quality dish clothsIf you use sponges or dish clothes for cleaning and drying, buy them in quantity so you remember to wash or replace them frequently.

The Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish Towels are thin and light, highly absorbent, fast drying, and produce minimal lint. This set includes 13 pieces of classic white towels with blue stripes complement any kitchen decor.

Check it out: Liliane Collection Kitchen Dish Towels (13 Units) 


Kitchen Scrub Brushes

81o-xLQ7OKL._SL1500_Just like dishcloths and sponges scrub brushes need to be replaced on a regular basis. Replace your brush if itís discolored, has a sour smell, or has warped bristles.

This multipurpose cleaning scrub brush is the ideal solution for all of your wet and dry scrubbing needs.


Check it out: Casabella Loop 3-Piece Dish Brush Set


Small Storage Bins

61W8e6XU1gL._SL1500_Use several small plastic or metal bins to group cleaning items and other cabinet products (medications, spices, etc.) together  for easier organization and access.

These Small Ultra Baskets are ideal for organizing countertops, kitchen cabinets, home office space, and shelving around the home. The contoured handles allow for comfortable transporting, and the smooth finish is easy to clean.

Check it out: Sterilite 16228012 Ultra Basket with Titanium Inserts, White, 12-Pack, Small


Utility Hooks

use stick-on hooks to organize kitchen towels and clothsInstall stick-on hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors for hanging brushes, rags and rubber gloves.

The InterDesign Utility Hooks includes 4 made from durable white plastic. The hooks are easy to install and the adhesive is strong and reliable.

Check it out: InterDesign Utility Hooks, White, Set of 4


Clear Glass Jars

These jars are great for keeping your junk cabuse clear glass jars to keep small items in your kticheninet or drawers organized. You can use clear glass jars for small loose items like change, bottle stoppers, matchbooks.

These jars can also help keep all of the miscellaneous items in your office, bathroom, and tool room you need but that seem to get lost.


Check it out: Jarden 52505 Wide Mouth Ball Jar, 32-Ounce, Case of 12


File Sorter


A file sorter is a handy tool for kitchen decluttering even though it might seem more natural in an office or bedroom desk.

We all deposit things we carry into the house, like mail and newspapers, on the kitchen table. Rather than leaving a clutter of papers, use this file sorter to create a habit of instantly sorting and filing these papers and schoolwork.

You can also use a napkin holder or file sorter to hold notepads, menus and other loose papers.

The DecoBros Sorter includes 7 sorter tiered compartments for easy viewing and access. You can put it out of sight in a cabinet or the pantry.

Check it out: DecoBros Desk Stacking File Sorter, 7 Sections, Black


Magnetic Knife Holder

keep knives and tools secured using a magnetic knife holderA magnetic knife holder attaches to the wall and is a convenient and safe solution for storing your knives. It also frees up even more drawer space.

The Cherry M.O.C. Board 12 Inch Wood Magnetic Knife Holder or Magnetic Knife Strip has a continuous magnetic field that will hold your knifes securely. The hand rubbed clear finish used on M.O.C. Boards is non-toxic and food-safe.


Check it out: Walnut M.O.C. Board 12 Inch Wood Magnetic Knife Holder or Magnetic Knife Strip

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

kitchen drawer organizersSave space and organize your kitchen drawers using drawer organizers like the Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer.

Rather than having a messy drawer filled with a clutter of utensils, this drawer not only looks good, but also it stores those odd kitchen tools in a way they can be easily found and used.

It measures 18-inch long, 12 3/4-inch wide and 2-inch high and expands to 17 1/2-inch wide, and can expand or contract to fit most drawers.


Check it out: Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer

Dish Rack

use drying rack in your kitchen sinkIf you use a drying rack on your counter for hand-washed dishes, consider putting the dryer rack in the sink instead.

The Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Drainer neatly organizes dishes after they have been washed. It has coated wire construction is sturdy enough to hold stoneware plates securely, but cushions and protects dishes and sinks from scratches.

Check it out: Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Drainer, Large, Black


Dust BroomKit

use an extendable duster to clean hard to reach space sin your kitchenAn extendable duster or dust broom makes cleaning those hard-to-reach spaces, such as top shelves and the top of your refrigerator, a real cinch.

The Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit extends up to three feet and rotates.

Check it out: Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit, Extends up to three feet


Laundry Room

Storage Bins

R-Storage-BinsThese sturdy storage bins help you save space and organize similar items. Detergents, bleach and fabric softeners can go in one container, cleaning supplies in another, and miscellaneous laundry items in another.

The Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins  make it easier to store items and organize the laundry room. The best part is these bins are stackable, which makes it easier to access every item.

Check it out: Akro-Mils 8212 Six Pack of Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins for Craft and Hardware, Red


Shelving Tower 

Shelving Tower for extra storage  in laundry roomConsider using an inexpensive shelving tower where you can store extra baskets and bins if you have limited storage.

The versatile Seville Classics 4-Tier Iron Square Tower Shelving is easy to assemble and can hold up to 90 lbs per shelf.

It is the ideal storage solution for organization any room include your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or office.

Check it out: Seville Classics 4-Tier Iron Square Tower Shelving


Laundry Baskets

sturdy laundry basketsFor easier organization, use different colored (or labeled) laundry basket for every person in the house.

The Sterilite 12178006 1.50-Bushel Ultra Square Laundry Basket set comes in six pieces. The laundry baskets feature heavy-duty construction including thick reinforced rim and reach-through handles. Smooth sidewalls create a no snag inner surface, and color accented inserts provide a comfortable grip surface for transporting heavy loads of laundry.

Check it out: Sterilite 1.50-Bushel Ultra Square Laundry Basket, 6-Pack, White with Titanium Handles

Also check out these cool, stylish iron lined baskets perfect for storage and laundry: Adeco Multi-Purpose Rectangular Iron Baskets 


Wall Mounted Drying Rack Hanger

wall mounted drying rackIf you air dry jeans, shirts, and other items, consider a wall-mounted drying rack. This will help allow the air to flow on both sides, while still saving space in the room.

The Arrow Hanger Instahanger Clothes Hanging System holds up to 50 lbs. and provides instant drying/hanging space. With this fold-away rod in the laundry room, you can drip-dry delicates and hang clothes straight out of the dryer to reduce ironing.

Check it out: Arrow Hanger AH12 Instahanger Clothes Hanging System

Also check out this wall hanger for drying items flat: Ikea Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Laundry Drying Rack, Silver




Bathtub Organizer

N Corner BasketCorner basket bathroom organizerIf you love taking a bath, consider getting a small tub organizer that can hold: body wash, bath salts and other bathing supplies.

The InterDesign Twigz Bath Suction Corner Basket is a beautiful and functional choice for extra bathroom storage. It sticks to any smooth surface with two strong suction cups.

Check it out: InterDesign Twigz Bath, Suction Corner Basket, Bronze

Also check out this bathtub caddy that sits across the tub: Taymor Bath Caddy Spa/Gift Set


Bathroom Shelf 

bathroom shelf for extra space for bathroom suppliesA wall-mounted bathroom shelf can provide extra space that can be used to easily access bathroom essentials.

The  Housweety 1 Tier New Bathroom Shelf Bath Shelf  is convenient for bathroom use and made of durable aluminum.

Check it out: Housweety 1 Tier New Bathroom Shelf Bath Shelves Aluminium Silvery White, Wall Mounted

Also check out this cool acrylic bathroom organizer: InterDesign 3 Drawer Storage Organizer, Clear



Use a squeegee to keep showers cleanKeep your bathroom clean by keeping a squeegee and a bottle of cleaning spray in or near the shower.  This will help you do a quick clean after every shower.

The OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee is durable and flexible, perfect for shower doors and walls, mirrors and windows. It has a rotating hook for storage on shower heads, caddies, towel bars and more.

Check it out: OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Squeegee


Soap and Shower Dispenser

Mounted Dispenser Unit for an organized and less cluttered bathrromDon’t crowd your bathroom counter and sink with numerous bottles and containers. Eliminate shower bottle clutter using a mounted dispenser unit.

The Euro Series TRIO Three Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenserfits flat on the wall or neatly in the corner and dispenses liquids with a push of a button. It’s also easy to refill and will save you money in the long run.


Check it out: Euro Series TRIO Three Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenser, White


No Fog Mirror

use a fog free mirrorFor men, if you shave in the shower, then you should invest in a lighted, no-fog mirror with suction cups to mount on the wall.

The Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror has a unique design that makes it easy to use and clean.


Check it out: Deluxe Shave Well Fog-free Shower Mirror – #1 Best-seller


Bath Toy Organizer 

Toy Organizer Storage BasketIf you keep your kids’ toys in the bath, then one option is to use a mesh bag or crate that drains after each bath.

Another option is to buy a KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket. It has divider panels separate toys from bath care items and is easy to attach and remove.

Check it out: KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White


Mounted Shaving Pedestal

Mounted Shaving Pedestal for womenWomen should consider a mounted shaving pedestal to prop up your foot when shaving your legs.

The Safe-er-Grip™ Foot Rest is simple to use and easily transportable. It assists your balance while shaving in the shower.

Check it out: Safe-er-GripTM Foot Rest


Wire Rack

Use a wire rack to organize the space under your bathroom sinkThe space under your bathroom sink can be better organized with an inexpensive wire rack on the inside of the cabinet door for your most used items.

The DecoBros Under Shelf Basket Wrap Rack is easy to install and is designed to help increase your storage space.

Check it out: DecoBros Under Shelf Basket Wrap Rack, White


Linen Closet Shelf Divider

91OldEC8RsL._SL1500_You can easily store towels and sheets with a shelf divider to keep your linen closet from being a jumbled mess.

These heavy-duty white shelf dividers lock over any solid shelf to organize sweaters, towels, purses, linens, and even the heaviest books.

Check it out: Lynk 142042 Shelf Dividers for Wood, 2-Pack, White

Tissue Dispenser with Magazine Rack

Tissue Dispenser with Magazine RackIf you keep books and magazines near the toilet, then a combo toilet paper holder and magazine rack will help you keep everything organized.

The Better Living Products Toilet Caddy Tissue Dispenser with Magazine Rack is made of high quality plated steel construction with a heavy base for stability. The caddy holds three extra toilet tissue rolls, has a spacious magazine rack and is a attractive, elegant design.



Check it out: Better Living Products Toilet Caddy Tissue Dispenser with Magazine Rack, Satin Nickel


First Aid Kit

81mzxQAgzIL._SX522_Every bathroom needs a first aid kit for those minor emergencies.

Designed to meet OSHA requirements, the contents of this 61-piece kit are packed in a sturdy polypropylene carrying case with convenient carry handle, and locking brackets to keep contents in the box. An interior tray keeps first aid items neat and organized. You'll get everything from bandages to ointments and ice packs.

Check it out: Medique 40061 First Aid Kit, 61-Piece

Medicine Safe-Lock Box

51xSiP7UzhL._SX522_Keep prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines tamper-proof, and protect curious teens and children from potential illness or tragedy. Holds 7 standard-sized medicine bottles, and it fits in your medicine cabinet.

Check it out: Medicine Safe-Lock Box



Wooden Clamp Hangers 

organize pants in your closet using wooden clamp hangersOrganize your pants and slacks neatly in your closets by using matching hangers. If you prefer to hang your pants full length, you can use wooden clamp hangers.

The Whitmor 6026-342 Natural Wood Collection Slack Hanger comes in sets of five. It’s made of solid hardwood and has full-width gripping grooves and plastic clamp-lock.

Check it out: Whitmor 6026-342 Natural Wood Collection Slack Hanger Set of 5


Non-Slip Hangers 

multi-colored hangers can help organize your closetIf your closet is small, you can hang two pairs of jeans and other clothes in one durable hanger.

These light-weight, non-slip hangers come in various colors, making organization easier.  The hangers are ergonomically designed for perfect adaption to human curve and keep clothes wrinkle free.

Check it out: Zebratown ABS Light-weight Hangers Non-slip ,set of 10 (5#)


Notched Hangers 

nothced hangersPerhaps you don’t want to wrinkle delicate pieces of clothing with thin straps.  So another option is to use notched hangers.

The Notched Hangers Set includes 18 white hangers and are perfect for items with thin straps like lingerie or spaghetti strap dresses.


Check it out: Notched Hangers Set of 18 (White) (16 3/4 in.W)


Bulletin Board

use a bulletin board to store your jewelryUse a bulletin board on the wall of your closet to hang earrings, necklaces and other jewelry for easy access.

The Board Dudes 18 x 22 Inches Black Framed Cork Board is made of fine grain cork that hides pin holes after use.

Check it out: Board Dudes 18 x 22 Inches Black Framed Cork Board (CYL56)


Stackable Clear Shoe Storage

stackable and clear shoes boxes  make closet organizing easierClear, stackable shoe boxes makes it easy to see your shoes and keep them dust free. You can also use them for other accessories such as caps and handbags.

The IRIS Drop Front 6-Piece Set Shoe Box can store and organize women’s shoes up to size 13 and men’s shoes up to size 11. It has ventilation holes to keep air circulating.

Check it out: IRIS Drop Front 6-Piece Set Shoe Box, Large, Clear


Handbag Organizer

Handbag Organizer in your closet


If you want to easily access your handbags, put a handbag organizer on a closet shelf your keep your purses on quick display.

The Whitmor White Crystal Collection Handbag File has a see through file design and eight clear vinyl pockets that will help you save shelf space. It easily hangs on standard closet rod


Check it out: Whitmor 6044-14 White Crystal Collection Handbag File, Clear


Tie Rack

store men’s ties is to unknot them and drape them over a prong on a tie rackThe best way to store men’s ties is to unknot them and drape them over a prong on a tie rack immediately after wearing it.

The Compact Necktie Hanger Cross is space saving rack that holds up to 20 ties. Each tie has a clip to keep it in place and with its unique 360 degree rotation, you will find it so easy to select your tie.

Check it out: Tie Rack – Tie Hanger- Organizer, the Compact Necktie Hanger Cross


Child's Room

Craft Table 

81sKccoTynL._SL1500_Create an organized play space in your child's room for art supplies, books, and toys. This adorable wood table has space for it all and includes a paper roll and paint cups. You'll need a chair or two to go with the table. We've added a link for an inexpensive child's chair below.



Check it out: Craft Table 

Also check out the child's chair: KidKraft Aspen Single Chair – Natural


Laundry Hamper

51z98Flb+WL._SY355_Help your kids learn how to pick up their dirty clothes and put them away with their own bright hampers.

Kids will love feeding their Bongo Buddy Pop Up Hamper with dirty clothes, and you will appreciate a clean room. Bongo Buddy is also great for storing toys, clothing or anything you can think of. Made of durable nylon and double stitched for added strength. folds flat when not in use. Wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Check it out: Redmon Bongo Buckets


Toy Organizer with Clear Bins

71cwEOmV8EL._SL1500_Save space and time by helping your child keep toys put away and organized. This sturdy compressed wood cabinet with hardboard shelves holds 12 bins securely.

The transparent plastic storage boxes with lids allow easy viewing of contents. Convenient adhesive labels are included for quick identification of box contents.



Check it out: Modular Wood/Plastic 12-Bin Supplies Organizer, 34 x 13 x 19, Medium Oak/Clear


Plush Toy Hammock

61EKRoWP7iL._SL1500_Tired of all of those stuffed animals taking over your child's room. Put them up and away in this jumbo plush toy hammock. It gets toys off the floor and is made of a stretchy material that expands to six feet.

It's easy to install, uninstall, and reinstall, and it includes three hooks to fit any corner.


Check it out: Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock




Garage Shelves

garage shelvesInstead of throwing everything into a jumbled mess, use shelves in your garage to organize similar items together.

The Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving Unit provides sturdy, economical home or garage shelving. It’s made of plastic with rugged tubular construction, with each shelf capable of holding up to 50 pounds.


Check it out: Sterilite 01648501 4-Shelf Shelving Unit, Platinum


Steel Pegboard

organize your tools with a pegboardUse a pegboard to hang your various garden tools (or other items) and prevent clutter in your garage.

The Steel Pegboard Pack is made of galvanized steel pegboard panels that prevents the pegboard holes from fraying and wearing out over time.


Check it out: Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack


Pegboard Kit

garage declutter ideas -PegboardThe Bulldog Hardware Peg-A-System Ultimate Kit is another pegboard option for your garage, basement or garden shed.

It measures 8 square feet of peg board (4 panels) and comes with 43 peg accessories. It is quick and easy install and has built-in spacers at the back to eliminate need for additional spacers.

Check it out: The Bulldog Hardware 131588 Peg-A-System Ultimate Kit


Pegboard Hook Assortment

pegboard hooks to hang garden toolsThe Stanley Pegboard Hook Assortment is made for 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch pegboards. It comes with 51 pieces of hooks for use in garages, sheds, workshops and basements. It is ideal for storage of tools, paint brushes, extension cords and athletic equipment.


Check it out: Stanley 819841 Pegboard Hook Assortment, 51-Piece


Wall Mounted Storage and Organizer

a wall mounted storage for mops and brooms keeps your garage organizedOrganize your mops and brooms with the Mop and Broom Organizer, Wall Mounted Storage & Organizer from Spoga.

It is a five-position wall organizer for handled tools that holds up to 11 tools. Rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle’s thickness and grips it securely.


Check it out: Spoga, Mop and Broom Organizer, Wall Mounted Storage & Organizer 


Garage Workstation 

41JjFzOymzLHave a place for working on random tasks by adding a garage workstation for when you want to do a home project (like potting plants).

This all-use workbench/workstation is a great solution for garage or garden shed space. Included drawers, shelving, lighting, and outlets.



Check it out: Multipurpose Workbench Cabinet Light Garage Workstation Tool Holder Storage


Sports Gear Storage

sports gear storageIf your family participates in many athletic activities, then it’s easy to get overwhelmed by bats, balls, rackets, clubs, skis and various footwear.

You can either create your own system of organizing these items or invest in a Rubbermaid Sports Gear Storage Station. It can hold balls, helmets, racquets, sticks, and up to 20 bats, . It has a removable mesh bag that stays open to catch balls for storage, then cinches up when it’s time to pack the balls off to the court, field, or beach.

Check it out: Rubbermaid Sports Gear Storage Station, Black / Red 



Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

use microfiber cleaning cloths to keep flat surfaces in your office cleanUse cleaning cloths in your wipe down all flat (except for screens) surfaces on keyboard, desktop, phone and printer.

The Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are available in 12-, 24-, and 26-pack. The plush, super-soft microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning tasks in the home, garage, office, or any place that accumulates dust.


Check it out: Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (48-Pack)


Pre-Moistened Towelettes 

use pre-moistened towelettes to clean sensitive office equipmentYou will probably need a special LCD cleaning solution for your computer screens, which prevents damage them or streaking. An effective cleaning solution can be a spray or pre-moistened towelette.

The Cal Clear Pre-Moistened Lens Towelettes Cleaner is a great product for cleaning for all lenses. It’s safe and effective on all anti-reflective coated lenses.

Check it out: Pre-Moistened Lens Towelettes Cleaner