Courses To Change Your Life

Skyrocket your self-confidence in 30 days.

Build a career out of self-publishing your books.

Discover your life passion and find out what makes you come alive.

Intimacy and closeness start with great communication.

Set firm boundaries and regain your dignity and self-esteem.

Create indestructible habits in as little as 5 minutes per day.

Barrie possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical wisdom. She willingly shares her greatest gift — the ability to help you lead a better life.  ~ Katie Tallo-Film Director and Author

"Barrie has literally created the confidence manifesto..."

Barrie has literally created the confidence manifesto I've needed for a very long time. Her program was gentle and took me through a confidence building process that I will continue to use to support my self-confidence."

- Elizabeth (Simple Self-Confidence student)

"The PTP process really worked to help me discover my talent..."

When I started the Path to Passion Course I did not know what work I wanted to do. Once I followed the course steps and completed the exercises. The Path to Passion process really worked to help me discover my talent and love for writing.

- Ian (Path to Passion student)

"I tried all these activities in the past, and had given up..."

I love the Sticky Habits Course and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive life changes. The Sticky Habits Method has helped me be consistent with developing these habits: daily journaling, reading a devotional book, daily practice of a musical instrument and daily getting up early. I tried all these activities in the past, and had given up. Since doing the course I now have confidence that I will be able to develop many new future habits that will change my life for the better…one habit at a time.

- David (Sticky Habits student)

About Barrie Davenport

Barrie is the founder of Live Bold and Bloom and is a bestselling author with more than a dozen books and counting. She is a certified coach and online teacher. She offers science-backed, proven techniques for real, quantifiable change.