Barrie Davenport, certified personal and career coach 

Coaching is for people who are ready to take action and create a big, bold, fearless life . . .

Is That You?

Are you ready to make things happen in your life?

Do you want to get there faster so you can start living your dream instead of thinking about it?

If so, then it’s time to take the step that will make it happen — it’s time to partner with a coach.

What Does a Coach Do?

A coach is skilled to help you to make radical improvements by inspiring discovery and insight and encouraging bold action through acknowledgment and accountability to your personal vision and goals.

A coach works with you in person or over the phone, often in weekly sessions, to partner with you to identify who you are, what you want, and how to find your innermost values and goals for your personal life or career.

A coach will encourage you to take action and help you achieve success by serving as your accountability partner.
Success includes:

  • being your best, most authentic self
  • living with integrity
  • doing work and activities that you love
  • health and emotional well-being
  • financial freedom
  • happiness and peace of mind
  • loving relationships
  • navigating life transitions

Whether you want help achieving a specific goal, finding a career direction, or buffing up your whole life, a coach can help you get there faster by helping you stay focused and on-track.

Areas of Coaching

~Career changes

~Life purpose and passion

~Life balance and simplifying


~Finding Mr./Ms. Right

~Problem resolution

~Business difficulty or decision

~Communication skills

~Health and weight loss

~Creating boundaries

~Relationship skills

~Financial goals

~Leadership skills

~Entrepreneurial skills/goals

~Self awareness

Bold Living Coaching Intensive

I am now focused on life changing coaching with people who are seriously committed to positive change.

I am accepting applications for individuals who are:

  • Ready and eager to make some profound, positive changes in all areas of their lives and need a professional to help guide them, keep them on track, and keep them accountable to taking action.
  • Completely coachable and ready to move forward with intensive coaching. Please take my coachability assessment to see if you are coachable.
  • Willing to make the commitment to a program of weekly coaching calls and to taking agreed-upon actions between calls.
  • In an emotionally healthy place and fully capable and enthusiastic about creating a better life.

If you are interested in working with me as your coach, please e-mail me at barrie [at] barriedavenport [dot] com, and I will send you more information and an application.

My Credentials

blog coaching barrie davenportI am a certified personal and career coach, having trained through Coach U, one of the world’s most prominent fully accredited coach training programs.

For more information on coaching, please visit The International Coach Federation website at 

You can read more about my background here.


“Live Bold & Bloom is a powerful tool for living a better life. Barrie walks the walk, and knows how to simplify complex problems with actionable, easy steps.”  ~ Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

“If you need encouragement, know-how, or coaching, Barrie Davenport is the person to go to. She has a compassionate heart, a sharp mind, and an eye for what to change for maximum success.” ~ Mary Jaksch, Goodlife Zen and Write to Done

“Barrie has the unique ability to hone right in on an issue, and work with you to allow you to come to a realization of your own, which is so much more powerful than someone else telling you what your real issues are.  Nurturing, caring and encouraging are qualities not every coach possess, but Barrie has them in abundance.” ~ Steve Aitchison, Change Your Thoughts

“Barrie is truly a gem. She possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical wisdom, and added to that, she has a wicked sense of humor, a love of life and a generous soul. Writer, friend, coach, mentor or partner, whatever her role, Barrie openly and willingly shares her greatest gift — the ability to help you lead a better, more soulful life.” ~ Katie Tallo, Momentum Gathering

“Barrie is a naturally gifted life coach.  In our work together, she has – many times – demonstrated an uncanny way of quickly locating the blocks and barriers that I could not see myself.  She offers a special mix of empathy, inspiration, and encouragement, shedding light on practical ways to break through and move ahead.  And she “walks the talk” – she has used her coaching skills to imbue her own life with fresh purpose and meaning.  She is a walking testament to the effectiveness of her tools!” ~ Laura Strickler, marketing executive, writer, jewelry designer

“Barrie Davenport’s coaching process helped me focus on my goals in a way that traditional self help and motivational techniques simply failed.  I learned how to prioritize my business and personal aspirations in a manageable fashion that not only produced tangible results, but saved me time, unnecessary frustration and money.” ~ Elizabeth Grannan, One World Rituals & Events

“My experience from working with Barrie has enhanced my day to day life is so many ways. Everything from balancing to effectively prioritizing to thinking about what I really want for myself in every aspect! Barrie is a rare ray of sunshine that you come across in life and has a gift for helping others!”  ~Kara Willis, mom and entrepreneur

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  1. I think one of the more pervasive and detrimental limiting beliefs shared by people today is that there is something noble or redeeming about going it alone when they find themselves knee deep in “struggle.” Especially men. Specifically me. Actually I have no idea about anyone else……………


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