22 Cool Things To Buy As Gifts This Holiday Season

cool things to buy

Here it comes again.

Before you toss out the pumpkin and polish off the Halloween candy, the Christmas and Hanukkah season is upon us.

At least it is according to the retailers who begin splashing seasonal decor and sales offers from storefronts to your inbox before November 1st.

Most of us would rather fully enjoy that holiday in-between Halloween and Christmas, and maybe finish off the leftovers before the whirlwind that awaits us. But alas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday make that difficult.

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The Best Home Gym Equipment For Reluctant Exercisers

Best Home Gym Equipment

Many people (myself included) have a love-hate relationship with exercise.

They love the way it makes them feel and look. They hate doing it.

You know you should do it. It keeps you healthy, fit, trim, sane. But it's just such a pain to go sweat and huff and puff your way through a workout.

That's one reason the vast majority of people who make New Year's resolutions to stick to a fitness program end up quitting after the first few weeks.

Developing good habits is hard, and sticking to a fitness habit is one of the most difficult because it requires an extended period of time to make it worthwhile.

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Best Rebounding Trampoline Review

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I have a hard time finding an exercise routine  I actually enjoy.

I love physical activity — walking, biking, hiking, dancing, etc. But a regular “exercise program” feels like work to me.

Last summer I agreed to join my 21-year-old daughter in a workout program called “Insanity.” The name itself should tell you everything. I really did give it my best shot, especially since it was something the two of us could do together.

But if there's anything that makes you aware of your age and physical limitations, it's trying to keep pace with a 20-something and a hard-body instructor screaming at you like a drill sergeant. Fortunately, my knees began to swell up, so I had a legitimate excuse for ending the insanity.

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