Financial Freedom: How To Be CFO Of Your Own Life

Financial freedom

I admit I don't enjoy managing money.

I get no thrill from scrutinizing my investments, analyzing the stock market, and pondering ways to make my money work for me. I definitely don't enjoy paying bills, creating spreadsheets, and tracking expenses.

Money has always felt abstract to me. The majority of it sits somewhere in a bank, and the numbers go up and down based on computerized transactions I don't see. Cash in hand is a different matter, but I don't keep gobs of it hanging around.

Knowing my own limitations and how I wish to spend my time, I've hired someone to help me with this -- one of the best decisions I've ever made.

When I was in my twenties and got my first credit card, I remember how dangerous that little sucker was for me. All I had to do was present it when I wanted something, and magically that something was in my possession. I had a painful awakening when the bill arrived. The thrill of spending was quickly overshadowed by the angst of mounting debt and interest. (more…)

The Hidden Barrier to Financial Security

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