39 Of The Best Money Affirmations To Reinforce A Wealth Mindset

First of all, I know it can be hard to take this wealth mindset stuff seriously, especially when it feels like rich people telling you your financial troubles must be your own fault.

Your thinking must be “too negative” — as if positive thinking would fix everything. It wouldn’t.

This post isn’t about “thinking only positive thoughts.” That’s not realistic.

And it’s not helpful. There are some things you can’t reframe positively without sounding creepy or fake.

But we do believe in positive affirmations for money. Read on to see why. 

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23 Good Paying Jobs For College Students

Looking for a good paying job for college students?

You’re in the right place.

Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce reports in an article that more than 70% of college students work while enrolled.

Having a steady income can help you manage your tuition fees and avoid future debt. It can also expand your skill-set and prepare you for what awaits after graduation.

We’ve curated 23 of the best jobs for college students, including a variety of remote opportunities and jobs with flexible work hours.

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